Doris’ Cucumber Salad, A Recipe


A couple of you asked for the recipe for Doris’ Cucumber Salad. It’s really simple, but having a mandoline helps. If you don’t have one, just try to slice the cucumbers as thin as you can.


The recipe, after the jump.

Doris’ Cucumber Salad

10 cucumbers, peeled
2 medium onions
1/2 cup white vinegar (to start)
1/3 cup sugar (to start)

Slice the cucumbers and onions on a mandoline, being very very careful.


Alternate them in a bowl, salting the layers as you go.



Weigh down the bowl so the cukes give up their water and get crispy.


Make the dressing by whisking vinegar and sugar together. You may need to add more vinegar or more sugar, depending on your tastes. You want it to be sweet and vinegar-y at the same time, but it shouldn’t taste super-strong of either.

Dump the water and season with the dressing!


Season again with salt and pepper.


Easy peasy!


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  1. Hi Chris. Yes, it looks similar, but I think namasu is marinated in the vinegar. This is sort of quick-brined, then just uses the vinegar as a dressing.

  2. My (Polish) Grandmother made this quite often (same recipe). In fact I made it this weekend with cukes from my garden, it is so refreshing. She also made it with an addition of sour cream either way it is delicious

  3. Thanks Liz! I’ve made it this way, but you’ve given me tips to make it better, weighing down the bowls and using a madoline (which I need to buy) are great tips. I’ve also used Linda’s addition of sour cream at times, and either way a snipping of fresh dill to either version makes a nice addition.

  4. You’re right Michele; I also add a little chopped dill which kicks it up a notch.

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