Purchase Farmers Market at Pepsico


One of the area’s newest farmers markets is on Anderson Hill Road just past the entrance to Pepsico across from Purchase College in Purchase. It’s there on Tuesdays, which is a convenient midweek day for those of us who might run out of our local vegetables and meat after our Saturday shopping.

There are only a few vendors, but they’ve got you covered for whatever your local needs may be: meat, produce, fruit, cheese baked goods and plants. There’s even a booth from Pepsico’s cafeteria where I picked up a killer grilled chicken Caesar salad to go.

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I’ve been meaning to post these photos from Purchase for almost a month now! So you’ll forgive me if some of the produce is no longer in season.  I went to the market on June 22.

Migliorelli seems to be at almost every market I go to. I don’t know how they do it! Here are some of their apples:

Garlic scapes, etc:

Baked goods from Magpie Bakery:

Kind of hard to see, but here’s Northwind Farm. They sell meat and poultry.

Here’s owner Richard Biezynski holding a chicken for the camera:

Someone shopping at his booth:

This vendor sells cheeses from all over the Hudson Valley. I love him. He’s at Nyack on Thursdays and used to be at Palisades in the winter, too. The Old Chatham Sheepherding Camembert is delicious. He also has cheese from Sprout Creek and others:

He makes bread and sells smoked trout, too:

Also, some plants for purchase:

And the market is right next to the Pepsico Community Garden:

And here was the vendor selling sandwiches and salads from Pepsico.

I understand they’ve added several vendors since I was there in June, so I plan to go back soon. (One particular mention on the market’s facebook page: Silver Petals Farm, which grows more than 50 heirloom flowers.)

The market is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays near 800 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase. Let me know what you get there!


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  1. I made it there today. It was pleasantly crowded. I bought truffle oil and balsalmic vinegar (the real kind) from the Olive Oil of the World stand. Of course I sampled quite a few before deciding! I picked up a sausage and pepper calzone-type roll and some fresh mozzerella from the Sprout Creek farm vendor. I asked him to please make sure he brings some of the delicious smoked trout to Nyack on Thursday so my sis can pick one up. I also got some chocolate milk and sinful looking heavy cream from Ronnybrook Farms. That will go over the fresh peaches I bought from the Migliorelli stand. I picked out some heirloom tomatoes from Late Bloomer Farms and the vendor insisted I take another one for free, since he was sure I would like that one variety best. Then he asked me to let him know next week what I thought. I love the personal feel of shopping at a farmers market.

    I was in a rush so I had to skip Magpie Bakery, the jam vendor and the soap vendor. But I did have time to grab a hot dog from Pepsi’s stand. Eating a hot dog felt a bit at odds with my fresh purchases but hey, at least I got onions on it. I will definitely be back there next week.

  2. My colleague Karen Croke was there, today, too! She got the sausage-and-pepper calzone, too, and loved it! And peach cobbler from Magpie Bakery, white peaches from Migliorelli and lemonade from the Flix vendor. She was going to get that killer Caesar salad, but he didn’t have any today!

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