Nyack Farmers Market: A Look at A Few Vendors


Hello again, Small Bites readers. This is Maureen Fleming, freelancer from Hudson Valley Metromix, blogging today about the Nyack Farmers Market.

I usually start my Thursday morning trips to the Nyack Market coming through the back way from the parking lot instead of walking in the entrance off Main Street. From there I pretty much make a beeline to the True Foods stall. The Nyack-based organic market and restaurant, has a table and with iced tea and prepared foods. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with  their breakfast burrito, which has eggs, cheese and potatoes wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. It is so filling I often end up saving half for lunch.

The True Foods stand also sells baked goods and recently started selling iced chai made with its own recipe.

Once I am fed and caffeinated, it is safe to head over to Panzarella’s. The breads are so beautiful, the mozzarella is so fresh and the sellers are so convincing, it is dangerous to go there hungry and bleary eyed. I’ll end up taking home with five loaves of focaccia instead of one just because they smell so good.

The champagne crab cakes make great sandwiches in the summer, topped with some avocado and pea tendrils. And the fresh mozzarella makes a perfect appetizer with fresh tomatoes.

The last time I was there I was hemming and hawing about whether to buy some crab cakes. It was such a warm day, I wasn’t sure I could get home before they thawed. “Not a problem,” I was told. A reusable insulated bag was produced and a block of dry ice dropped inside, free of charge, sure to keep the crab cakes frozen for hours.

R&G Produce has a stall right by the entrance and they always have a ton of vegetables and herbs, piled high in big bundles.

Maybe I have been shopping at Whole Foods too long, but the prices here usually seem really decent.

I am familiar with the Orchards of Concklin from the Tarrytown Farmers Market. I usually get my eggs there and depend on them for reasonably priced fruit and certain vegetables. The last time I was at the Nyack Market they were selling a bunch of fun summer fruits that made me want to run home and make dessert.

Valley Shepard Creamery comes to the Nyack Market from New Jersey and the family run creamery has a surprisingly large selection of cheese available.

The cheeses are priced by pound, but can be cut to any size. The last time I was there it was so hot I couldn’t possibly take any cheese home, so they sold me a snack sized piece to eat while shopping.

One of these days I’m going to get around to trying the “ewe-gurt,” the sheep-milk yogurt, sold at the stand for $2.00.

Bluefield Farm’s stand is the place for cut flowers and plants at the Nyack Market. I like the hand-picked quality of the bouquets, as if I plucked them myself from some fantastic, impossibly beautiful backyard garden.

On the days I’ve been to the market, the stall of Taliaferro Farms is has been hopping. The organic, family run farm sends small amounts of fresh picked produce down from New Paltz.

With cheese, fruit and bread and hand, it seems the only thing missing is a bottle of wine. Every other week Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery sets up a stand selling its wine, fruit liquors and hard ciders. Shoppers over 21 can taste the beverages made from the fruit grown on Warwick Valley’s orchard over in Orange County. On a hot day, I recommend the pear cider.

You can see more pictures and read more about the vendors at Hudson Valley Metromix.

Nyack Farmers Market, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursdays in the parking lot in front of Riverspace, between Main Street and Artopee Way, Nyack.


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  1. I noticed when I was there last week the town has eliminated parking fees during the 8-2 time slot of the market. That might be worth mentioning. You also didn’t showcase Dines with their meats, or did I miss it?

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