Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Cake Came From La Tulipe in Mount Kisco


Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cake was gluten-free and made by La Tulipe in Mount Kisco, owner Frances Steenman told me a few moments ago.

“We did make the cake for her, and it was just a great honor to be a part of this special event that took place here in the Hudson Valley,” she says.

She wouldn’t describe Chelsea’s cake, except to say that it was indeed gluten-free and that it was a “very elegant and traditional wedding cake.”  The Early Show on CBS had been reporting that the cake cost between $10,000 and $12,000 and was white with silver accents.

Here’s the report:

Presidential Cake: $10,000 to $12,000

Chelsea and Marc’s wedding cake was a whopping nine tiers, 500 pounds and 4-feet tall made by a 9-person team at La Tulipe Desserts in Hudson Valley. The cake was very traditional and elegant. It was mostly white with little accents of silver. There were small circular designs on the base of each cake (almost like half-wheels of little silver beads) with 1,000 edible sugar flowers (mostly roses, a little bit of hydrangeas, calla lilies, and two types of orchids) that were delicately brushed with pearl accent. Since Chelsea is allergic to gluten and is a vegan, the wedding cake was gluten-free (not vegan, though) and vanilla with dark chocolate mousse. Plus all the ingredients were local, and the cake was mostly organic. La Tulipe Dessert’s prices start at $12 per slice.

But Steenman said this about the report: “I’ve never discussed price with anybody or want that printed — that’s not the way I run by business here. I work with all walks of life and all budgets.” She would say that the cake fed 500 guests.

Many longtime customers of La Tulipe have been thrilled to see their bakery in the news about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, Steenman said. “They’re very proud of us, and they’re congratulating us — and some of them anticipated that we were the ones chosen, so it was nice to hear all the positive feedback.”

A variety of decorative cupcakes from master pastry chef Maarten Steenman of La Tulipe Desserts on Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco, April 4, 2006. (Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

And she’s been getting calls from new customers, too — especially those interested in the gluten-free aspect of the cake, and wondering if La Tulipe does dairy-free, too. (Yes, says Steenman: “We try to customize for any kind of allergy or religious reason that you can’t have certain items,” she says. “We’ll try to work with our customes to customize the product for them.”

Small Bites guest blogger Katherine Curry was visting La Tulipe last week for her Journal News Ice Cream Odyssey. Yes, says Frances: they were working on the cake in the back while Katherine was sampling ice cream and taking photos! (Here’s a link to my post on La Tulipe from 2006.)

Francs says she and husband, Maarten, are ready to get back to normal business, but they have a couple of busy weeks ahead of them before they close for an August vacation. So get your gluten free orders in soon!

La Tulipe, 455 Lexington Ave., Mt. Kisco. 914-242-4555. 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Tues. – Sat. 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., Sunday.


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    “Chelsea and Marc’s wedding cake was a whopping nine tiers, 500 pounds and 4-feet tall”


  2. FYI all you celiacs and others who eat gluten-free: My family always goes to Three Dogs Gluten-Free Bakery on North State Rd in Briarcliff for delicious and reasonably priced gf goodies. Three Dogs is a dedicated gl bakery so I don’t have to worry about cross contamination which is a relief. I’m pretty sure they’re open all August, but call ahead to be sure.

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