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Good morning–it’s Katherine Curry, and I’ve got this morning’s Local Links for you while Liz is on vacation.

I was in Mt. Kisco last night getting all soggy, and I stopped into the always-welcoming and cozy Cafe of Love for dinner with my friends Amy and Nick.  We sat at a nice table by the window, where we watched the torrential downpour.  And for the first time in weeks, it felt like red wine weather.  We shared a bottle of Apex II Cab from Washington, and all had burgers and fries.

When Cafe of Love opened, there was a decadent brisket-stuffed burger on the menu, but now the only burger is a simple, grass-fed, behemoth of beef on a brioche bun, topped with a pretty superfluous fried green tomato, and served with a flower pot of good fries.  The meat is coated in some kind of salty seasoning, which enhances the exterior’s crispy char.  A very nice burger, but considering it was medium-rare, I think there should have been more juice.  For dessert, a very large, deep dish of piping-hot peach crisp, topped with bourbon-vanilla ice cream — thank goodness the three of us were sharing!

Here’s this morning’s local links — if I missed something, let me know in the Comments section.

M.H. likes Steakhouse 22 in Patterson despite the “bloodless” steaks. (NYT)

Alice finds great tomatoes in South Salem. (NYT)

What Ruth Reichl does on Sundays in Columbia County. (NYT)

Over at Hungry Travels, Doug has a lot on his mind, including a good tip to check out WCC’s “Taste of Westchester” schedule of fall cooking demos.

Rinku really likes the food at D Thai Kitchen in Thornwood, despite the chaos. And she has a terrific-sounding, easy recipe for a bruised-mint tomato salad in yogurt that I’m going to try tonight.

David Bonom and Marge Perry find inconsistency at Dobbs Ferry’s Orissa (WM).

Jeanne Muchnick surveys Westchester’s late-night dining options, such as they are (WM).

The A&P in Yorktown Heights is apparently slated to close, resurrecting my completely irrational dreams of a Northern Westchester Whole Foods outpost.


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