Coppola’s in Sparkill: Photos! Menus!


Coppola’s in Sparkill has been a longtime coming. Chef-owner Sal Coppola has owned the old Tony’s Lobster House restaurant at the corner of routes 9W and 340 for four years now. At first, he just thought he’d be renovating a little.

Then he realized the building needed a lot more work than that. Then the bad economy came along. Four years later — he finally opened.

He’s taken the classics from his menus at his other two restaurants — both Coppola’s, too; one at 206 W. 79th Street and the other at 378 Third Ave. — and combined them with Northern and Southern Italian specials for a menu that suits a broad range of palates. There’s porcini risotto with shrimp; papardelle con carne (which includes a pan-seared short rib that’s cooked for four hours); pork chops with hot cherry peppers and grilled branzino with cherry tomatoes, basil and a medley of spinach and white cannellini beans.

Carucha L. Meuse was shooting photos at the restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a look at some of the dishes:

More, after the jump.

Grilled Pork Chop in garlic, hot cherry peppers, mushrooms, parsley, oven roasted new potato, and onions for $24 :

Linguine Nero, handmade black linguine, lobster, jumbo shrimp, scallops, tomato, cream and lobster sauce for $28:

Sal has owned the 79th Street Coppola’s for 20 years; the one on the East Side has been open for 11 years. He started cooking in restaurants when he was 15, and has cooked all over New York and New Jersey, including in Little Italy. This is his first restaurant outside the city.

Here’s a look at the enormous tree outside :

Sal says it’s a 350-year-old white ash. “I have to feed it,” he jokes. “It gets spaghetti and meatballs.”

Outdoor dining n the patio:

Another view:

And here are pictures of the menus at Coppola’s:

So has anyone been yet? What do you think?

The 411 is coming. Until then: 500 Route 340, Sparkill. 845-680-2626,


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  1. Beautiful space with seperate dining rooms from the bar area and the main dining area.
    No valet for such a vast and dark parking lot
    Give them time to work the kinks out as there are a lot of them!!!!

    Overpriced menu for just worst everyday food ……..
    Service that does not know and does not ask……..

    Was brought the wrong dish that was not ordered and was told that they just ran out my ordered dinner…..went continuosly downhill from there …..
    No need to rant, but this place is a reason so many restaurants also close…….

    Will go back though in six months if they are still open…..

  2. Not good. Very disappointed.

    The decor and atmosphere was very deceiving. What we expected and what we actually experienced were two different things. I will not go back and if I do it will not be in the near future. I work not too far from the restaurant and would go for lunch but not after my dinner experience.

    To start:

    They serve a small beaker of olive oil with bread and it isn’t even extra virgin olive oil. You spend so much on the decor and look of the restaurant you think you could splurge a little on good tasting food. So I asked for butter. It was plopped on the dish poorly. It wasn’t even REAL butter. I asked the waiter if it was butter. Then he proceeded to go to the kitchen and bring out the package. With conviction he said it was real butter. The packaging said, “Butter Blend” and “Made with Real butter.” Give me a break, you think people won’t notice. Plus with the prices of food, they should be able to afford to buy real butter and extra virgin olive oil!

    Appetizer experience:

    I ordered the grilled calamari and shrimp to split with four people. We got 2 shrimp and the calamari was two medium pieces of which we had to cut ourselves so we can share it- 2 Shrimp!? That was not worth $16.

    I don’t see them lasting in Rockland County.

    There is no working out the kinks- they have multiple restaurants and it took years for this location to open. They are not new to the business. What they need to know, is that this isn’t NYC.

  3. This doesn’t sound very good. Hope someone from the place reads this before it’s too late. In Rockland too late comes on fast.

  4. I ran into friend’s last night whose friends enjoyed the place and they heard really good things from others… I’ll make it there one of these days.

  5. I went there this past week and absolutly loved the food! I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other dishes. (to go with the previous posts) If you want cheap prices, then go to the Olive Garden and get your unlimited salad & breadsticks. The food here is well worth it and absolutely amazing!!!

  6. have been to this restaurant 4x so far and each time was very pleased with both service and food!brought my office here for our christmas party and everyone loved looking forward to going again this weekend. have had the pork chop, the chicken on the bone and the mushroom and seafood risotto 2x and all was excellent. the wine selections are varied and reasonably priced.have been too full each time to have dessert, but mite try some this time.i would whole heartedly recommend this restaurant!

  7. went during previews; seemed good, if not a bit overpriced. Appears to have closed the past few days — perhaps not permanently?

  8. I made a point to stop in since i know Sal from his other restaurants, and this new place is in my area. I would describe myself as a critical foody, And I agree with most of the complaints above. The service is horrific and the prices are far above the competitors, but I really love the food. Sal is a professional and he will make things right. I did complain to him, and he acknowledged the service is a problem. The problem seems to be that it is hard to find enough elite servers in this area to fully staff a new opening, if you look around there are many employee’s. This isn’t the city where you can demand perfection and have 100’s of server’s show up for the spot.

    I’m surprised to hear the food complaints, everything our party of four ordered was heavenly, and the bill followed suit.

    I would give it time, and ask for the owner when you have complaints, that’s the only way bad server’s can be weeded out. Just be fair, Coppola’s isn’t leaving anytime soon.

  9. Coppolas has closed and a new sign has gone up announcing “Coming soon Anthony D’s”

  10. new sign is up — Coppola’s signs have been removed and they now say “Anthony D’s”

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