Our Winner of the Great Moments on the Grill Contest: Ice Fishing!!


For the month of July, we asked for your photos and videos of your best grilling moments for our contest, Great Moments on the Grill. The prize? A brand new Weber grill worth $500 from Appliances Plus in Somers.

We were looking for anything funny, creative or delicious, from blizzard burgers and downpour steaks to delicious juicy platters of food. And we got them: 19 people entered 34 photos. (We didn’t get any videos, though.) So from now until the winner is announced on Aug. 25, I’ll be featuring these photos on Small Bites.

Our winner was Gregg Goldman of Somers, who sent in this photo of him grilling during an ice-fishing trip to Lake George.

More of Gregg’s photos, after the jump.

This photo is from Gregg but from a different day — this time in summer:

And for this one, he says “Something for everybody:”

Here’s Gregg:

Once a year, 8 of us rent a cabin in a remote part of the Catskills or Adirondacks.

We pack up all of our gear, but the most important piece of equipment is the grill. I’d rather leave the bait home if I had to choose one or the other.

We hike out onto the ice before sunrise. While some of the guys are drilling holes, I’m firing up the grill. By the time the tip-ups are set and the sun is rising, I’m serving Bloodies, Bacon and One-Eyed Sailors (egg over easy inside the cut out of a slice of bread).

Around mid-morning, if we’re lucky, we’ll have caught a keeper and cook him up right there. Usually it is a nice trout or a large-mouth bass. We fillet him and I’ll wrap him in foil with garlic powder, italian seasoning, bread crumbs and a whole lot of lemon and butter.

A few minutes later and we’re passing around the plate and picking pieces off with our fingers. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Lunchtime comes and we have of courser burgers, dogs and sausage with beer-can sauerkraut. But again – if we’re lucky – one of us has gotten a nice buck or doe from our annual hunting trip (yes, our wives are very supportive). If we have venison, we’ll marinate the different cuts in advance – each cut in a different marinade. Man, that is a treat — and warms you up on the ice.

Why do I love grilling? I love taking care of people. It’s my job in sales, and I enjoy it. I love making sure everyone is happy and taken care of. Grilling for people is the ultimate give-away. I’m working a little while everyone is playing. I’m putting love and time into preparing food for people I care about.

I love it at the end of the day when someone says, “Hey, Gregg – thanks for cooking – everything was amazing.” Mission accomplished.

Congratulations, Gregg!


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