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Good morning and happy Monday. What a beautiful fall weekend, wasn’t it? I got my bulb planting finished (more on that in a moment) and changed out the closet. Of course now it’s 70 degrees today, so I’m glad I held a few lighter weight things back!

On Friday, I had eaten lunch at the Westchester Burger Co. in White Plains. By the time I got home at 8 p.m., I was still stuffed. So no supper for me. I had a glass of red wine and a few bites of pate leftover from my book club last week and then hit the sack.

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning and set about planting the rest of my bulbs. I’d already done tulips, hyacinths and crocus in the back — now I was planting a big 100-pack of daffodils I’d ordered from whiteflowerfarm.com. I was layering them with red tulips, blue and lavender crocus, purple muscari and blue Dutch iris. I’m hoping for a big show in the spring!

But first, we had to tackle some fence posts that a previous owner had sunk four feet deep in our front yard. At first, we thought they were property markers, so we’d left them alone until now. But no, they were just the folly of people who think you need to bury fence posts four feet deep. I dug about 18 inches, then asked my husband to finish the rest. Brutal, brutal task.

But it meant I was able to plant a big lilac tree and a shorter lilac bush in front of that ugly corner of the yard. Hopefully in a few years it will be covered beautifully with purple flowers in spring.

Also looking forward to spring I did three beds of those bulbs. A lot of work, but I hope it pays off!

These bulbs are like a border between us and our neighbors, and they helped out, too. So we had a celebratory dinner on Saturday night: since we’d done the digging, they did the cooking. A lovely bolognese with all fresh vegetables from their garden:

And on Sunday, we felt a bit like straddling the seasons, so we grilled a rib eye outside, but made a baked potato in the oven. A little salad, and we’re all set. We watched that new Sherlock Holmes on PBS — highly recommended!

So quite the domestic weekend at my house. Hope you all had just as enjoyable a time. And with that, here’s what people have been talking about this weekend:

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