Tarry Market in Port Chester is Open *UPDATED* With Photos!


The Tarry Market, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s fresh food market opened today. There are fresh pastas, freshly-baked breads, gelato, coffee, prime meats, cheese, sausage and cured meats and pleanty of beautiful condiments. Here’s Joe at the fresh pasta counter:

“The best of Europe and the best of local,” says Bastianich. “The best of hand-crafted, artisanal food.”

From left, Lenore Pott and Suzanne Tinley, both of Chappaqua, watch as Cheese Purveyor Franko cuts into aged parmesan cheese. Pott and Tinley came to check out Tarry Market, a new fresh food shop by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianch, on its opening day in Port Chester Nov. 2, 2010. ( Matthew Brown / The Journal News )

The gourmet shop, with its white, brick walls, rustic cement floors, marble counters and antique scales, has the look and feel of an old world market.

Matt Brown

More photos, after the jump.

You may be tempted to compare the shop to Eataly, the 50,000-square-foot emporium of all things food and Italian in Manhattan, which Batali and Bastianich opened this summer, but Bastianich shakes his head no.

“Eataly is a grocery store — it’s everything Italy,” he says. “This is a fresh-food market with things that are made here. Groceries are a supporting role.”

The meat is supplied by Pat La Frieda, the wholesale meat purveyor to the star chefs:

Butcher James Piccolo slices 18 oz. prime beef steaks that will be sold at Tarry Market. ( Matthew Brown / The Journal News )

Still, there are things in common, though at 6,000 square feet, Tarry Market is a lot smaller than Eataly. Both have stations that offer meats, cheeses, pastas, bread and other foods, a cafe where you can order an espresso or gelato, and shelves lined with top-quality condiments. But there are differences, too. Tarry Market will carry products from Spain and France, along with local foods, including cheeses from Connecticut and milk from the Hudson Valley. There is also a massive bakery on site.

In the summer, it will go hyper-local, growing fruits and vegetables in its rooftop garden. In a few months, the market will begin making its own sausages and curing its own meats.

So, all those photos above were by Matt Brown (except the one of Joe at the top). Now here are my (much worse) photos! These were taken yesterday before the shop opened, so they’re still doing some finishing touches and not all the shelves are filled.

When you walk in, you see the coffee and gelato counter. There are 16 seats at a few tables up front, too.

Wines by the glass are available, too:

Then you walk past the checkout to the fresh pasta counter:

Behind that is the bread, charcuterie and cheese:

Some of the bread:




Packaged meat:

There are also beautiful antique scales in all shapes and colors:

The wine shop will open next week. Tarry Market is at 179 N. Main St., Port Chester. 914-253-5680. tarrymarket.com (doesn’t work yet.)


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  1. Port Chester fan on

    Not one mention of the outstanding artisinal bread bakery literally across the street: The Kneaded Bread. It’s my hope that we will all continue to support The Kneaded Bread, which has been a “draw” in Port Chester for several years – and for good reason. So go ahead and buy your fresh pasta, artisinal cheeses, etc, at Tarry Market, but for Pete’s sake, walk over to The Kneaded Bread to buy those rolls, boules, baguettes, pastries and muffins! Let’s keep our friends in business while the culinary reputation of Port Chester continues to grow.

  2. What a shot in the arm for the Village of Port Chester. This vision is the direct result of Mayor Pilla and the previous Board … who have never waivered in their belief that PC is on the rise. Attracting such business enterprises has positive repercussions for this village … an increased commercial tax base, a magnet for future endeavors, and a desired up-grade in the down-town area.
    Every renewal effort needs “anchor” enterprises of varying sorts … this is ideal for this village as it revitalized existing structures and enhanced one of the “gate-way” areas to the village.
    The current board needs to draw from this positive development … and follow the plan that has been long in design. And all of this has taken place in the worst of economic times. The future is bright … if the current Board stays the course and listens to the more studied and rational suggestions of trustees like Mr. Brakewood … and shuns the all-to-obvious personal politics of some new Board arrivals.
    Buon Appetito!

  3. I second the comment about supporting The Kneaded Bread. In fact, it would be a great gesture on the part of Tarry Market to NOT sell bread, but instead direct customers across the street.

  4. I am super excited about this new addition to PC… and I cant wait to go shopping there. But I believe we still have to make sure that our local stores keep getting our support. The Kneaded Bread, Varmax, (as Tarry Wines is also opening) even La Placita, the supermarket down the street (which as awesome produce and herbs by the way). The Tarry Market can be a huge boost to the town and EVERY business there. I hope this also encourages other types of business to open in PC, like the dance studio that opened a few doors down.
    See you all out and about in Port Chester!

  5. To bad they have no parking lot ot speak of. Trying to get to this spot on a saturday/sunday is gonna be torture. and perfect timing as the new “pay and display” meters are up and running on Main street.

  6. rising tide lifts all ships on

    The comments about Tarry Market selling bread are well-intentioned but misplaced. Tarry Market’s existence will increase sales of the stores and restaurants around it, including at Kneaded Bread. There are many, many people who have not heard of Kneaded Bread and who don’t drive into Port Chester just to buy bread at that location. But they are now hearing of Tarry Market because of the connection to Mario Batali and as a result will discover the other gems along the Port Chester strip.

  7. The Kneaded Bread does have a quality product but their service is the worst. It took me 23 minutes to pay for a ready-made sandwich and bottle of vitamin water. The Kneaded Bread does have quality products but its frustrating as heck trying to get in and out of there quickly.

    Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich have been instrumental in bringing Port Chester back from ruin. Tarry Lodge is by far the best restaurant in Westchester County. Tarry Market will only serve to bring more business to PC from which all the merchants will benefit from. Let’s not feel sorry for The Kneaded Bread. If it wasn’t for Tarry Lodge…..they’d be nothing. Let’s embrace Tarry Market!

  8. ” Let’s not feel sorry for The Kneaded Bread. If it wasn’t for Tarry Lodge…..they’d be nothing. ”
    You’re kidding… i hope.

  9. @Geri – I like Tarry Lodge a lot but let’s not get carried away here. It is far from the best restaurant in Westchester.

    So I have seen complaints about parking but is there any for the market? I know TL has a couple of parking lots but they fill up. I guess if you shop off-hours you can park there.

  10. We took our first run thru Tarry Market on Saturday and spotted Joe Bastianich giving Chef Jeffrey Zakarian a tour. They both appear on one of those Food Network contest programs as judges.
    Our early feelings about the new market: Much easier to maneuver than their overwrought Eataly, but we were not really impressed. It does seem to be a work in progress though, so we will give it a chance to grow their line (which I am sure will be heavily weighted with Batali/Bastianich labels. The wine shop is not open yet either.
    As for The Kneaded Bread, there is no need to worry. Many of the browsers at the Tarry Market walked across the street and bought their share at the bakery. We shared a good sandwich there. If anything, it will bring them more business than they could have ever hoped for. (And your posts are right about the difficult cash out system there when it is busy.)
    Now, if something could be done about the stop-and-go line of cars out on Main St…

  11. really Geri? Really? The Kneaded Bread has been there for years. I’m only hoping that Tarry Market can stand up to The Kneaded Bread. I went directly from the Tarry Market to the Kneaded Bread to get a sandwich since Tarry Market didn’t have much to offer. I can’t eat raw fresh pasta. Where are all the prepared foods they talk about. At least The Kneaded Bread offers salads, sandwiches, soups, cookies, pies, and bread.

    Yes, Tarry Market just opened so they are getting on their feet but where was all this prepared food they talk about? There was little indication of anything “coming soon”… salads? sandwiches? pizza?

  12. There is a parking lot, it’s at Horton and N. Main across the street from the Lifesaver Building.

  13. I like Mario and Joe and i love Lidia,but coming from east harlem and then arthur ave from the late 50s,i don’t think you can duplicate the feeling of walking down arthur ave even though alot has changed.Arthur ave , will alway’s be the
    number one as far as i’m concerned,and yes you can call me partial…

    Bobby M.

  14. There’s a free parking lot for Tarry Market immediately on the other side of the railroad bridge. If you blink you’ll miss it – we spotted it and were delighted!

  15. This store is a work in progress. they have expanded their product line, but the employees have no real knowledge of the products they sell. You can’t charge top dollar for meats, cheese and cold-cuts if you know nothing about them. They have a young manager who speaks to customers as though they were his “buddies’ on a basketball court. If you are going to sell me salami for $30.00 a pound don’t call me “buddy”.

    The worst is that they have uncovered prepared food in the same display case as uncovered raw meat! Then they weigh the raw meat and the prepared food on the same scale! Yuck gross!!! So they store the Pork Sausage and dead Rabbits with the prepared food and then put the containers of prepared foods on the scale with the remnants of raw meat you then put that container in your fridge or on your counter. Its called cross-contamination.

    But you can wash it down with a small cup of Latte for $3.00.

    You are better off getting a Latte to go at kneaded Bread across the street without the attitude.

  16. Gorgeous photos!!! And it’s a fabulous place. Love the salads – looking forward to the fresh summer produce!

  17. I think tarry market is phenomenol its the type of place PC needs to bring a diverse clientele from all around into PC and give us some buisness. Tarry Market thumbs up The Kneaded Bread, get lost.

  18. Lets face it although nice to have in downtown Portcheser, Everything is more expensive while, only 20 minutes away Arthur ave has so much more to offer with substancial savings and always the Highest quality!! Worth the trip!

  19. Tarry Market kicks up the culinary source scene for lower Westchester and SW Fairfield counties. Inpsired, and very likely supplied by its friend “Eataly” in NYC, the market makes my life easier, especially on those Sunday mornings when I am searching for some top notch ingredients.

    The Mill Street intersection is becoming something of a heartbeat for a vibrant gastronomic center and community that includes the Market and the Kneaded Bread as well as a nice score of places set along Port Chester’s main street. Btw, folks, there’s no need to get out of Dodge. The Kneaded Bread and Tarry Market, complement each other. Make two stops, instead of one when you visit the intersection.

    Check out my post on “Some Love Around the Island” found at at http://bit.ly/gZHP4E ,where you can see ingredients from Tarry Market in action.

  20. Now there is a whole fresh produce section just like EatalyUSA in NYC they even have fresh salads so you can take them with you and eat at work!

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