Grass-Fed Burgers at Poppy’s in Beacon


After exploring the chili dogs of Newburgh, my traveling companion Michael Stern and I headed across the river to Beacon, a river town that, unlike Newburgh, has seen a huge revival (thanks in part to Dia: Beacon).  Our destination was Poppy’s, a little burger spot on Main Street that serves local, organic grass-fed burgers.

Food pictures, after the jump.

We sipped Mexican Coke, made with real sugar, and played a very bad game of pinball while owner Paul Yeaple cooked our burger, fries, and sweet potato chips.

Poppy’s gets its beef from Kiernan Farm, a personal favorite of mine (their skirt steaks are fantastic, if you can find them at your local farmer’s market).  We shared the “Classic Little”, a delicious 1/4 pound of beef with excellent Cheddar cheese and diced onion, for $6. The $9 “Classic Big” is two 1/4 pound patties.  Also on the menu are specialty burgers and a homemade veggie burger, and plenty of toppings, including bacon and sauteed onions.

We foolishly let the the hand-cut fries sit in their paper bag while we finished our pinball game, so they were a tad soggy.  Despite that, they were still great.

And the shatteringly crisp sweet potato chips were light, greaseless and so delicious that great self-control was required to not devour the whole sackful.

Poppy’s is a little place — you order at the counter, and eat at one of a handful of tables inside or, in warm weather, in the garden out back.

You can learn more about Poppy’s and owner Paul Yeaple, who was on Food Network’s “Chopped” this year, in this interview Maureen Fleming did on Metromix.

After splitting the burger, we zipped down to Cold Spring for some Jane’s ice cream.  We opted for Jane’s excellent seasonal flavors — pumpkin and caramel apple spice — available at Cold Spring’s Cup-o-ccino Cafe. Jane’s is also scooped at the cute Beacon Creamery down the street from Poppy’s, but the Creamery is only open weekends this time of year.

If you go:

Poppy’s, 184 Main St., Beacon. 845-765-2121.

Cup-o-ccino Cafe, 92 Main St., Cold Spring.  845-809-5574.

Beacon Creamery, 134 Main St., Beacon.  845-849-2637.


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