The Love Boat: A Sushi Feast for Two at Okinawa


When you think Okinawa in Yorktown — you think smoky hibachi tables, knife-wielding chefs and noisy, rambunctious kids. But there’s another side to the restaurant — the dining room and sushi bar side, where the only knife-wielding chefs you’ll see will be silently slicing through sushi.

The thing to order? The Love Boat combination, which forgoes the traditional black and red lacquered boat in favor of a creation that looks like it has emerged straight from the salty sea.

A bamboo mat floats over a sea of blue-lit ice to display a selection of nigiri sushi and a rainbow maki roll, while a piece of driftwood seated above it is loaded with generous cuts of sashimi and spicy tuna roll nestled in aquatic looking shiso leaf and daikon shreds. Rising out from the back, a martini glass filled with green ice holds a large shell with alternating thin slices of lemon and fresh scallop. It’s stunning — and delicious!

The 411 on Okinawa.

— Vicki Borah Bloom


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