Holiday Lace Cookies at Topps Bakery in Bronxville

Heath Lachman, the owner of Topps Bakery in Bronxville, might just have the know-how for creating appealing treats in his genes. He’s a descendant of Charles Smylie, whose company, Young and Smylie, created Twizzlers.
Still, when Lachman and his wife, Jacqueline, both below, took over the bakery about three years ago, they didn’t mess with most of the recipes. Topps has been around since 1927, and, says Jacqueline, “we didn’t want to mess with 80 years of success.”
The best sellers are the strawberry shortcake and the decorated sugar cookies. But the real standout this time of year? The lace cookies. The Topps version of this holiday treat consists of two layers of delicate, crunchy cookie sandwiched together by a rich chocolate ganache filling, topped with candied almond slivers, and dipped in chocolate to finish. Each cookie costs $2.25 and is worth the holiday splurge.

Topps Bakery, 106 Pondfield Road Bronxville. 914-337-4258. No website.

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  1. Try the lace cookies at Galloway’s in Sacarsdale. They’ve been making them for over 50 years and have always been open Friday, Saturday & Sunday all these years. The cookies are great, but go for their signature rolls and pies too!

  2. The baked goods are old and boring and te owner and his wife are crazy! We were sitting down eating one day and the wife Jackie was screaming at her employees and jumping all around in front of everyone because of a ribbon on a candy bag. They have als fought in front of customers. They need serious help!

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