Raspberry Nectar: A Cure for the Winter Blues at Fairway in Pelham Manor


Hi, Katherine Curry again. I have to confess, the prospect of another winter storm has me a little down.  Here’s a small way to combat the winter blues:   open a bottle of Alain Milliat raspberry nectar, available at Fairway in Pelham Manor.  One whiff delivers the heady essence of ripe summer raspberries.

Made in France from what must be the most impeccably fresh, flavorful fruit — a spoonful drops a serious fruit bomb on your palate — the raspberry nectar is pasteurized but once, resulting in a rich, complex flavor.

Rotate the bottle gently to mix up the pulp at the bottom.  For a sophisticated soft drink redolent of real fruit, mix one part raspberry nectar to four parts seltzer, add ice and stir gently.  For a decadently refreshing cocktail, skip the ice and swap out the seltzer for Prosecco or Champagne.

The raspberry nectar is $6.99 for an 11.1 ounce bottle at Fairway.  Also available are wild bilberry (kin of the blueberry), Mara de Bois strawberries, and passion fruit nectar, all of which would make delicious, summery libations.  Take that, Old Man Winter!

Fairway Market, 847 Pelham Parkway, Pelham Manor.  914-712-0011.

– Katherine Curry


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