Don Juan in Pleasantville Now Open


Juan Rodriguez could not have picked a worse day to open Don Juan, his latest restaurant. Rodriguez, of Azteca in Mount Kisco and Pueblo Viego in Carmel, opened the doors of his third restaurant Dec. 27 — two days after Christmas and one day after the holiday blizzard.

Photo by Karen Croke

But apparently, folks have been hankering for items like the Salmon Rio Grande with mango salsa, rice and vegetables or the Camarones Acapulco, shrimp stuffed with white cheese and wrapped in bacon. The restaurant served 76 people its first night, 92 its second, and 205 its third. By that Friday, the chefs prepared more than 300 dinners. Other dishes include the Carlota or combination of cheese enchilada, beef burrito and chicken chimichanga. Want a margarita? The restaurant serves every flavor under the sun.
— Jessica Rao

The 411 is coming, til then: 2 Broadway, Pleasantville; 914-495-3640.

Have you been? What do you think?


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  1. We just ate there this week, while the food was adequate, the staff was grating. We sat down and literally the next second the waiter wanted our drink order. One can appreciate prompt service, however when I said I wanted to look at the margarita list, he came back another 15 seconds later. Keep in mind, I was out for a relaxing evening with my husband, the husband I don’t get to see too often due to our hectic jobs, so the last thing I wanted was to be rushed. Fine, I humored the guy, took a quick look at the menu. The menu lists 5 margarita flavors and says “and more.” When I asked what other flavors they had, he said whatever you want. I would have wanted some interesting flavors listed, I did not get that. So I just got a coconut margarita. Adequate, not the worst I’ve had, not the best. We saw our neighbors getting guacamole made in front of them, but when we ordered the guacamole, it came out to us in a bowl, not sure where it described the difference on the menu, because we didn’t see it. While we ate our chips and guacamole, he came over twice within three minutes to ask if everything was ok. Our food came out fast, we had not even finished our chips before it was there, and then he came over another three times while we ate to ask how it was. After that, I had it, we asked for the check, barely had enough time to pay when he came over to get it. Dinner was done in 35 minutes. It was ridiculously rushed and an annoyance when I wanted an evening of casual relaxation. If we ever go back there, we’ll sit at the bar next time, thank you very much.

  2. Actually the difference in guacamole is listed on the menu. Guacamole al molcajete is prepared at the table, as it’s said on the menu. Anyway, one can always request it to the waiter. If it the restaurant wasn’t busy, then obviously the food would come out quicker. It’s not like they’re going to prepare the food and leave it there while it gets cold. I was surprised to see that comment, I’ve never heard anything but great things about Don Juan. Of course, if something was to be bothersome, one can always communicate it to the waiter; they are always there to receive feedback and improve.

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