Bistro Rollin Goes to Paris: Massaging Our Itinerary


It turns out, through sheer coincidence, that next week is School Holiday week in France, as well as in most of Westchester! As a result a couple of the restaurants on our original list are closed next week. How dare they! Must not have known we were coming.

One that we were very much looking forward to visiting is “Afaria” under the direction of Chef/Owner Julien Duboué, but they are one of those closed next week. Fortunately Chef Doboué has just opened a new spot at 119 rue Monge in the 5th about two blocks from where my wife, Barbara, and I lived in Paris, under the name “Dans Les Landes” and they are open.

Patricia Wells had this to says on his new venture

“Anyone in the mood for a quick, inexpensive, hearty lunch should head over to the 5th and the month-old Dans les Landes, the second restaurant of a 15th arrondissement favorite, Afaria. A rambling café just steps from the Rue Mouffetard market and the charming St Médard square, (It is a wonderful neighborhood and I am looking to revisiting it!) this smart little spot is full of varied tapas-style tastes from France’s southwest, including meaty grilled quail breasts; tender fried chipirions (baby squid) sprinkled with a touch of sweet pepper (photo); good spare ribs (travers de porc) marred by a sauce that was much too sweet; and an adorable salade landaise, a take on Asian spring rolls: foie gras, salad and duck breast wrapped in rice paper and cut into bite-sized pieces.”

Looks good and sounds good to us! We are scheduled for lunch here next Friday

The second change is our first scheduled meal, next Tuesday’s lunch. We were planning on going to Le Baratin, a very highly regarded bistro under Chef Raquel Carena, but they are also closed next week, so we have substituted “Restaurant L’AOC” that has gotten some rave reviews for the quality of their ingredients, and the hospitality of the owners. L”AOC is developing a reputation as a place for meat lovers. With dishes like:

Beef prime rib of Normande breed, for 2 people

Entrecôte Normande

Beef prime rib Simmenthal of Bavaria, for 2 people

Entrecôte Simmenthal of Bavaria

Flank steak tartare, chopped when ordered

Beef tartare (French bovine) chopped when ordered

We are looking forward to doing our part in sampling and reporting on the beef of France!

The rest of our schedule is as planned, but we are always prepared for any last minute changes. There is no shortage of alternatives in Paris!

P.S. Latest update as of 11:30 am Saturday-Frenchie’s is closed until Thursday. We will have to do some further reshuffling!


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