Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011: Meet Guest Blogger Heather Post


I grew up in upstate New York just outside of Utica, where salt potatoes and chicken riggies are the foods of choice.  I decided at a fairly young age that I much preferred fresh vegetables and fish over  meat and have lived that way ever since.  I moved to Orange County fourteen years ago with only enough spices to make a basic marinara sauce.

When I met my husband in 1999, he was working in a restaurant that I frequented. I had never been exposed to food of that caliber before. He showed me what it was like to really taste food and I haven’t turned back.  Through him, I learned how different cooking techniques and simple additions to a dish can make it shine. We now have more spices than one could fit in a cabinet and I’m amazed that I know what each tastes like and some idea of how each could be used.

Our brief stint in Florida in 2001 made us long for what we missed about the Hudson Valley.   This area is fortunate to have some of the freshest foods and best restaurants, and that itself, fueled our decision to move back.

When I’m not working at my job in the civil engineering field, I like to spend my free time with my husband and three year old daughter appreciating all the treasures we have in the Hudson Valley.  We love to explore everything we can whether it’s new hiking trails, wineries or farmers markets. Any opportunity to share this love with friends is welcomed and I’m really excited about being chosen as a guest blogger for the 2011 Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.


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