Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011: Meet Guest Blogger Kat McKee


Guest blogger Kat McKee loves to eat.  She loves fresh food, slow food, Southern Food, Thai food, sushi, Greek food, Mexican food, seafood, healthy food and dessert.  And red wine, too.  While growing up, her father served home grown vegetables and citrus fruit with vigor and fresh garlic fried venison for regular family meals.  Comfort food for Kat includes cheeseburgers, grits, broccoli, squash, arugula, sushi, guacamole, pears, steak, chocolate lava cake, macaroni and cheese, etc.

Kat McKee

Kat is absolutely nuts for her nephew and two nieces, and all of the children that she has had the privilege of  taking care of over the years:  Graham, Charlotte, Savannah, Kyla, Timber, Bug, Bailey, Aiden, Georgia, Erica, Jack, Natalie, etc.

Currently an account manager for Mount Kisco based Co-Communications, Inc., a public relations & marketing firm , Kat has been doing public relations since 1990 when Caller ID and Caller ID blocking first caused a stir.  She enjoys taking photos and sharing them with clients and media.

This is Kat’s first Hudson Valley Restaurant Week guest blogging experience.


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