Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011: Meet Guest Blogger Kristen Tregar


Hi! I’m Kristen Tregar, and this is my first time as a guest blogger for Restaurant Week.  I grew up in Rhode Island, but moved to NY in 1999.  I’ve been a resident of Ossining since 2004, and have spent lots of time exploring our local restaurants and those in NYC.

After reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma several years ago, I developed a strong interest in local, sustainable foods.  Since then, I’ve been a regular at farmer’s markets all over Westchester.  I also have a special interest in cheese, and am now proud to say I’ve taken roughly 27 hours of cheese education courses!  All of that is in my spare time, when I’m not teaching at The Masters School.  There, I teach Biology, Environmental Science, and a seminar course on Animal Behavior and Training.  I’m also currently working with a colleague to develop another seminar course called “Culinary Chemistry and the World”, which will explore the scientific basis for much of the phenomena we see in cooking methods and foods, and the socio-political history of how we came to associate particular foods with particular cultures.  I’m looking forward to sharing my love of great food with my students!

At home, I’m a busy cook for my husband, Sam, and lots of our friends and family.  In particular, I like getting a chance to cook for larger groups- both for holidays and for our annual Apple Party (at which we travel to a local orchard, followed by a dinner in which all the dishes contain apple in some form) and Kentucky Derby Party (think BBQ and bourbon!).  I especially like delving into foreign cuisines, and have used that love of international  foods to help select travel locations for our family trips.  Some of destinations have included Thailand (as seen in my photo!), Mexico, France, and China!

I’m especially excited to have an excuse to try some restaurants in Westchester we haven’t yet been to, and what could be better than  sharing the experience with other food lovers like you!


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