Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown: Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011


Hello it’s Sally Veltidi again…

So this time I went to Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown with my “foodie” friend Beth. When I say “foodie” I don’t think it describes her well. I have never met someone who appreciates a good meal more, which makes her perfect for a dining experience.

We arrived about 20 minutes early for our 7 p.m. reservations and we were immediately sat at a table for 2. Right next to us was a very nice painted picture of an  owl, which had information and a phone number about the artist and where to purchase the picture. We noticed the nice lime green walls of the restaurant, which went very well with the atmosphere that we felt when we walked in.

We were handed a menu and have to admit we were a bit confused. It was the regular menu with prices next to each item and stated to choose a starter and then an entree, but there were no desserts listed. We asked our waitress Nicole and she informed us, that we could choose from any of the regular menu’s starters for the first coarse and then choose an entree or sandwich for the second coarse and there was a separate menu for the desserts. We were very excited and impressed that Sweet Grass Grill took this “risk” for the choices.  We were very excited to order, right after we had our first sip of our excellent drink. Beth ordered the Rare Vos Beer: Ommegang Brewery, A Belgian Style Amber Ale from Cooperstown, NY and I ordered The Sweetgrass Martini; Sweetgrass infused Vodka, Elderflower Liquor, Jus De Pommes:

The beer had a very nice smooth taste to it, and the martini was like drinking a cinnamon bun, not overpowering but a nice sweet taste that was resfreshing with each sip. The bread was brought to our table along with Herb infused olive oil with thyme, sage and vinager.

For our first coarse we ordered the: Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels, Sake, Radishes, Hen of the Wood Mushrooms:

The mussels were cooked nicely and it was the first time Beth had cooked radishes, which she felt took away a bit of the harshness of raw radishes. As I have mentioned before love mushrooms so I was very happy to try another new type and loved them!

I ordered the: Parmesan Deviled Picantico Hills Egg, Mangalista Bacon, Swiss Chard, Chicken Vinaigrette:

I love Deviled Eggs so this was such a treat! This was a nice play on bacon and eggs. The Bacon was fatty and salty in a good way and the eggs were a bit sweeter than I am used to for deviled eggs, but very enjoyable and a great combination. The Swiss Chard was perfectly cooked and tasted great. I could of eaten a whole plate of the chard for a meal. For dinner Beth ordered the: Pan Seared Artic Char, chick peas, vadouvan, crispy apple:

This fish was described to us to be in the salmon family. It was cooked crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside. It had a very rich taste and the combination of the chick peas and the crispy apples the variety of textures were according to Beth “a party in your mouth,” and I will have to say I agree with her. What a pleasant surprise of tastes and textures. I ordered the Rib Loin of Lamb, Salsify, rosemary, pine cone vinaigrette:

This was hands down the best tasting and best prepared lamb both Beth and I have ever had. The lamb was like a perfect warm baked cookie, where it was slightly crispy on the outside and warm and tender on the inside. This picture does not do the lamb justice. I have to admit that I had to Google from my phone what salsify was. It is a root vegetable and here it is mixed with cream and tasted wonderful. The leaves that you see are ice leaf, which were spongy and has a refreshing light taste to them. Our waitress said that most people think they are a garnish, but they are part of the meal, and I feel a part that should not be missed. For dessert we ordered: The Double Chocolate Stout Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Sauce:

We ordered this because of the name. Our former boss Joe Stout is a wonderful person and a great boss, so we felt this dessert would be too and we were right. The Stout beer in the cake made it very moist and enjoyable. We also ordered the: White Chocalate Semifreddo (Semi-frozen) with Hazelnuts, cardamon, coffee:

The white chocolate was not overpowering, in fact it was perfect. The whole hazelnuts were very crunchy and a nice mix to the semifreddo. The dark red on the end was pressed cranberry like a “fruit leather”and added to the perfection of the dessert. What a perfect way to end an excellent meal.

We asked to see the manager, Peter, after the meal to tell him that we loved our experience and the food. He told us that he works with several local farmers he had just received most of the items that morning. The menu changes daily based on that they received. I will say the pictures do not do the meal, food, service and atmosphere justice. Beth and I really enjoyed the experience and all that Sweet Grass Grill had to offer. I am looking forward to my next visit to this restaurant.

The 411 on Sweet Grass Grill.


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  1. Glad to hear that a change in chef did not change the greatness of the dishes served. I am now ready to give it another try. Thanks.

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