Traditions 118 in Granite Springs: Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011


Toni Addonizio here reporting on my dining experience at  Traditions, located in Somers. This restaurant is known  for a contemporary American cuisine with a touch of Italian.  My husband and I had dinner reservations at 7:30, upon entering the restaurant the hostess/owner asked if we would be interested in the Restaurant Week menu or the regular menu. We asked for both menus, and after looking through the choices we both chose the Restaurant Week menu.

There are several dining areas, we were seated in the small dining room just past the bar. The bar was packed and the restaurant was quite busy. During the warmer weather there is also outdoor dining.

For Appetizer I chose the Eggplant Stack, crispy eggplant layered with fresh mozzarella cheese, plum tomatoes and fresh basil served with an arugula salad  dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with shaved parmigiana. The flavors blended wonderfully and I always enjoy the use of fresh herbs…

My husband chose the Calamari 118  for his appetizer. Pan fried Calamari served with a balsamic glaze with a hint of fresh peppers and cilantro, the portion was satisfactory and the fish was fresh.

Calamari 118

For the main entree my husband chose New Orleans Paella, the internationally popular Spanish dish. This consisted of spicy Chorizo sausage,chicken,mussels,clams and shrimp simmered in a tomato based broth and served over rice. He enjoyed his dinner and loved the combination of flavors that are unique to Paella.


I chose the Salmon Yucca, salmon stuffed with baby shrimp and crabmeat in a Beurre Blanc sauce served with Yucca patties and sauteed spinach. This classic French butter sauce paired nicely with the fish, which was cooked to perfection except for the overcooked, crispy bottom layer. The  crispy Yucca (also known as Cassava) patties made a nice presentation but were too greasy for me.

Salmon Yucca

We were undecided about desserts,but after speaking with the waitress and learning that they have a new waffle machine I decided that I must try the Belgium Waffle which was served with vanilla Gelato,maple syrup, berries and cream. The waffle was fresh and the Gelato was rich and creamy. Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream and because of it’s lower butterfat content it melts faster, therefore you will taste the full flavor immediately.

Belgium Waffle

My husband chose the French Crepe filled with vanilla ice cream, served with a maple, chocolate raspberry puree and fresh cream.

French Crepe

Don’t forget that they have outdoor dining and the warm weather is right around the corner. I know how much most people love good weather, good food and good times.

The 411 on Traditions 118.


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