Tamales at Los Abuelos in Ossining


Hi, Katherine Curry checking in with a quick report about Los Abuelos in Ossining, my local go-to spot for great Mexican food.

I was there for lunch on Monday with my husband.  The owner, Olga, brought over a little treat for us, something I’d never seen on the menu: a tamale!

I’m usually at Los Abuelos during the week, so I didn’t know that on Saturday and Sunday, Olga serves these handmade beauties. The lone tamale left from Sunday was a red one, made with chicken, with a rich flavor, soft texture and a heat that was somewhere between gentle and tingly.

Green tamales come with pork and Los Abuelos also makes cheese tamales with jalapeno and tomato.  I’ll be back soon to try them all.

Also worth noting was my husband’s lunch (I had the chicken tacos, which I always order, because I’m addicted to them). He tried the huaraches, which I’d read great things about on Chowhound a while back.  The huaraches are handmade tortillas made in the shape of sandals (hence the name!),  topped with beans, lettuce, a little sour cream and your choice of chicken, pork, or beef.  Three huaraches come with an order, so Michael opted to try one of each.

Honestly, while the toppings were all excellent, I barely noticed because the puffy, chewy tortillas were so delicious.

Los Abuelos is a no-frills spot — no fancy margaritas here.  Go for the great food and friendly service. And don’t forget about the tamales!

The 411 on Los Abuelos.


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  1. Pictures look like what they called sopes. When I order hurachees (sp?) they are often rectangular and bigger than the photo. I’d be interested in what is the real name.

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