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Our intern Jenny Kessman has a very timely story in today’s paper: Cool drinks! She visited 6 local spots and recommends her favorites. Take it away, Jenny!

The Miami Vice Smoothie at Beanberry’s Cafe in New Rochelle. Carucha Meuse/The Journal News

The kind of blistering heat predicted for this week — can you say upper 90s? — calls for air conditioning, swimming pools and cold drinks.

We hope you’re covered on the first two. As for the cold drinks??There are coffeehouses and bakeries all over the region ready to help customers stay cool and hydrated, and below, we’ve recommended a few of our favorites.

And here’s a thought: head to one of these spots, enjoy the air conditioning, then set off for your favorite pool — cool drink in hand.

Miami Vice Smoothie

Beanberry’s Cafe and Yogurt Bar, New Rochelle

That’s a cool drink: Owner Sean Salazar was inspired by the “Miami Vice” television show from the 1980s, and came up with this tropical drink made with vanilla yogurt, freshly cut mango and pineapple and fresh lime juice. The drink is perfect for a walk around New Roc City or to just hang out in the park, and will cool you down in the summer heat with a strong taste of pineapple.

Stay and cool down: At this half-cafe, half-yogurt bar, you’ll have a variety of food and drinks to choose from. Find customers relaxing inside reading a book or working on the computer while listening to hip new music. The bright green and pink walls create such a fun environment and a happy feel to the store, you can’t help but smile.

Details: 16 ounces ($5.25); 20 ounces ($5.95); 24 ounces ($6.45).

Go: 265 Huguenot St,, New Rochelle. 914-355-2012.

Frozen Iced Green Tea Chai with Soy Milk

Black Cow, Croton-on-Hudson and Pleasantville

That’s a cool drink: Between the blended ice and the taste of the green tea chai, this drink is a great way to start off your day. With the perfect amount of nutty sweetness and a smooth texture, you might even say this tastes like a delicious oatmeal cookie (in a good way!). Feel free to choose the type of milk you want to be added to your drink.

Stay and cool down: Always filled with locals, The Black Cow is the coffee house for fresh brewed and roasted coffee, as well as a long list of cold drinks for summer. Owner Michael Grant, always chatting with customers, makes the coffee house a warm, welcoming place. Head here to relax with some friends or even play some chess — the boards are designed right onto the tabletop. The Pleasantville location just opened this summer, too.

Details: 12 ounces ($3.49); 16 ounces ($3.96); 20 ounces ($4.75).

Go: 64 Maple St., Croton-on-Hudson, 914-271-7544; 7 Wheeler Ave., Pleasantville, 914-495-3727;

Berry Zesty Smoothie

Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown

That’s a cool drink: Jam-packed with a fruity blend of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and orange zest, the Berry Zesty will perk you up when you need a pick-me-up. At first, you taste all the fresh flavors of the fruit — and then suddenly you get this snap of orange zest at the end. It’s sweet, refreshing, and, with all that fruit, completely good for you.

Stay and cool down: Coffee Labs Roasters, which roasts its own coffee beans in a big roaster in the center of the shop, is a great place to meet up with friends or catch up on your reading. With live music on Friday and Saturday nights, you can sip on any of the warm and cold drinks while watching local favorites.

Details: 16 ounces ($4.10); 24 ounces ($4.90).

Go: 7 Main St., Tarrytown. 914-332-1479.

Fresh Ginger Tea with Lemonade

Runcible Spoon, Nyack

That’s a cool drink: For a light drink that has a special kick at the end, try the fresh ginger tea mixed with lemonade. The Runcible brews its own tea with fresh ginger root and spices, and you can certainly have that on its own. But ask for it with half lemonade — sort of like an Arnold Palmer — and you’ll experience a drink that’s at first sweet and citrusy, and then when you are least expecting it, the ginger kicks in and charges your mouth with flavor. There’s no doubt: This drink will quench your thirst. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for a stroll around town.

Stay and cool down: Calling all sweet tooths: Runcible Spoon is bakery heaven for sugar lovers. Cupcakes, pies and beautifully decorated cookies are displayed in glass cases. Known for its local charm — and its popularity as a rest stop on the bicycle route — this colorful bakery, with tons of seating at marble tables inside and a few plastic ones outside, is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the people-watching.

Details: 16 ounces ($2.50); 20 ounces ($2.75); 24 ounces ($5).

Go: 37 N. Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-9398

Brain Freeze

Slave to the Grind, Bronxville

That’s a cool drink: Espresso mixed with chunks of ice, milk (skim is the default) and any flavor you like: mocha, vanilla, or cookies and cream. It will cool you off in a matter of two or three sips and is one of the most popular drinks featured at Slave to the Grind. Be careful! If you drink it too fast, you will indeed get a “brain freeze.”

Stay and cool down: Sliding doors that open onto the street, wood tables and comfortable chairs: no wonder everyone likes to hang out here. And with a bulletin board displaying customers’ business cards and advertisements, this coffeehouse is a great place to network.

Details: 16 ounces ($4.75); 24 ounces ($5.25); 32 ounces ($5.75).

Go: 58 Pondfield Road, Bronxville. 914-961-7777.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Owner James Monica prepares a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Tazza Cafe in Armonk. ( Tania Savayan / The Journal News )

Tazza Cafe, Armonk

That’s a cool drink: For hot chocolate lovers who don’t want to indulge in the summer heat, Tazza’s frozen hot chocolate will satisfy your craving — while cooling you off. It’s made with milk chocolate powder, skim or soy milk, a dollop of whipped cream, and crushed ice. It’s creamy and chocolatey while still remaining refreshing and light. If you’re a coffee lover, Tazza Cafe also offers the Frozen Cocoa Blast, which is a Frozen Hot Chocolate with a shot of espresso in it.

Stay and cool down: This cafe has a warm and friendly environment with dark earth tones, wood floors and pendant lighting that hangs over the service bar. There are plenty of drink options, and food choices too. If the temperature cools down, you can enjoy the patio outside, too.

Details: 16 ounces ($4.35); 24 ounces ($4.85) 32 ounces ($7.95).

Go: 382 Main St., Armonk. 914-273-0788.


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