Red Barn in Irvington for Pies and More!


So a friend of mine is always calling to tell me about great little places she seems to stumble upone all the time. Our conversations tend to vary, but they almost always end the same way: With her saying, “You MUST GO.”

The latest of her “great little finds” is The Red Barn in Irvington, a small bakery that serves breakfast (pastries, muffins, egg sandwiches on freshly baked biscuits) and now, lunch (soups and salads). The owner, Randell Dodge, used to design handbags, then she started baking cookies out of her home, and yada, yada, yada, now she owns the Red Barn Bakery, home to all kinds of sweet and savory baked goods. Everything is made with 100 percent organic ingredients.

My friend tells me it’s a great place for coffee and breakfast, which you can see below.




The bakery is also making pies for Thanksgiving, if you’re interested. Apple, apple crumb, plum spice, pecan, and double-chocolate tart are all on the menu. Each costs $25.

And if you know of any great little places, be sure to let me know — I’d love to share them with my friend.

The Red Barn Bakery

4 South Astor St., Irvington



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