Chianti in Tuckahoe Serves Up Filling Meals


Some chefs just don’t know when to call it quits. Their portions come in three sizes: big, bigger, and biggest. Chef Paul Caputo, who recently opened Chianti, in Tuckahoe, is that kind of chef. No matter what you order — the soup, the pastas, the seafood, or steak — plan to leave with an unbutton-your-pants full stomach.

The restaurant sits where Joe’s Quarry used to be, and now it’s home to a casual bar and Italian bistro. The walls showcase pictures of Italy, and stenciled on one wall, you’ll find the words “chi mangia bene, viva bene,” which translates to If you eat well, you live well. That seems to be the philosophy here.

The restaurant serves up a bunch of Italian dishes: You’ll find everything from stuffed artichokes to spaghetti and meatballs to filet mignon and chicken parm on the menu. Typical Italian fare. But even at an Italian bistro, I love a good surprise and Chef Caputo, it seems, does too. Broccoli Rabe soup?

Yes! And it’s really good. Caputo says it’s his grandmother’s recipe. While I love broccoli rabe — the texture, the bitterness, the excuse to eat more garlic, as the two are commonly paired — I didn’t know how it would translate to soup, but it was terrific.

Take a look:



Other things were good here, too, starting with crusty bread…




Even artichoke, stuffed with well … everything … was terrific. But like I said, very filling!



Chianti is located at 174 Marbledale Road, in Tuckahoe. Call 914-346-8844 for a reservation, or visit them online at


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  1. Chef Paul Caputo is a big guy who likes to cook big! Thank’s it, although he claims to have cut his portion sizes back a bit at cozy Chianti. The pig roasts were fun out on the deck this past summer. The classic Italian-American dishes I have tried here have been quite good and hearty and served up with pizzazz, his hamburger awesome, his veal chop not to be believed. But be sure to bring at least one friend to share…
    Thanks for posting, Mary Lynn…

  2. Chef Paul is amazing! Do not hesitate. All of the above is true and More!!!! Cut Back on Portions? That could be the only thing you should not believe.

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