The Gnarly Vine in New Rochelle



Has anyone ever been to The Gnarly Vine in New Rochelle? My friend — I’ve told you about her — went last week, and she’s absolutely raving about the place!  Here’s what she says:

“There’s a quiet buzz to The Gnarly Vine. It’s been in New Rochelle for five years, but until a friend recommended it I never thought to go. That’s because — truth be told — it often looks closed.

It’s not. It just doesn’t open until 5:00 p.m.

The restaurant/wine bar is adult. Sophisticated. Serious about wine and food.

The menu features whatever Chef/owner Will Leon finds at the farmers market on a given day. I’m particularly fond of his salads and flatbread pizzas.”




Will says he offers small plates, but really his plates are big enough for two.

Here is Chef Will in the open kitchen…



The blackboard lists the menu of what Chef Will is serving on a given day:



Wow–that’s a lot of stuff!

Ready to try the Gnarly Vine? Stop in for a drink and let me know what you think!

The Gnarly Vine is at 501 East Main St., New Rochelle; 914-355-2541;



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