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Admit it: Between work, errands, and all the holiday shopping you’ve been doing, there’s no way you’re cooking this weekend, right? Well, I’m certainly not here to judge. In fact, I just want to make sure your night out is everything it’s supposed to be: You should be relaxed, doted on, and served lots of outstanding — even unusual — dishes. And that’s why, this weekend, you should treat yourself to a meal at Fig & Olive in Scarsdale. Located in the Lord & Taylor shopping center, this little find is worth the trip. And come on — you’re going to be shopping in the neighborhood, right?

Fig and Olive has restaurants in Manhattan, LA, and Westchester. The menu is Mediterranean, and everything (except dessert) is made with olive oil, not butter. The dishes are incredibly inventive, the wine list is can’t-miss superb, and the food is terrific. Even the decor is relaxing. Take a look:




Plus, you can opt for small plates or meals. Here’s a dish of crostini, perfect with a glass of wine:




Every meal starts with olive oil tasting:




Olive oil is even used in the decor:



If you like what see — or taste — you can buy a few bottles to take home. Incidentally, they make great holiday gifts, so you can relax and eat AND do your holiday shopping at the same time. Is that a great deal, or what?

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  1. chef at F&O (Scott) was sous-chef at Peniche under Christian Petroni

    Christian left for Barcelona in Greenwich a couple of years ago, Peniche lost its draw, and eventually closed

    Christian’s still on the move – Left Barcelona this past summer for his own venture supposedly in Armonk (pizzeria/restaurant)

    here’s video of Christian winning a Chopped episode last year

  2. The food looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try this Westchester delight! The crostini looks amazing! We definitely want to try the Fig & Olive Tajine the next time we’re in the neighborhood! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I have been to the NYC mid-town Fig & Olive several times for lunch with co-workers – it doesn’t break the bank. Their food is excellent, best for me is their shrimp with avocado crostini! Love the fact that you can also order online for delivery!

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