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Sorry for the delay on posts recently. Looks like Liz Johnson won’t be back until the beginning of February, so I’m going to continue on linking you to great restaurant news and other fun foodie stuff.

My first thought for this week — it’s Sunday right now, but this certainly pertains to Monday, too — is COFFEE. Lots of it. Most restaurants aren’t open on Mondays anyway (though if you are looking for some places to go tonight try Fig & Olive in Scarsdale, Taste in Buchanan, or Birdsall in Peekskill), so this is when I like to kick back at a cafe and my favorite is Black Cow in Croton-on-Hudson. Though, they do have a Black Cow sister in Pleasantville.

The Black Cow is everything a cafe should be: laidback, easygoing, casual. You’re almost guaranteed to run into someone from the neighborhood if you go. I love it. Here’s a recent photo:


You can see the old-time coffe roaster (I believe) and all of the community postings on the wall.


But most importantly on a Monday morning is the coffee — and the coffee here is strong! I stop in for a cup now and then, but more often than not, I stop in to pick up a few pounds of coffee. And they have plenty. Take a look:



See all of those bins, they’re full of different types of coffee from various parts of the world. Personally, I like the Black Cow blend (though the cafe could do a better job of stocking it, often it’s out!) and I buy two pounds when they have it because they tend to run out a lot.

Recently, I bought a ground pound of the Mingus Java, which is “half Colombian Supremo French roasted, half Panama full City roasted beans.” And if you don’t know what that means, I’ll sum it up: It tastes really good.

Do you have a favorite cafe in your neighborhood? What is it? I’d be curious to try it. In the meantime, if you want to give mine a try, here’s the info:

Black Cow Coffee Company, 51 Maple St., Croton-on-Hudson; 914-271-7544;

and here’s info on the newish Black Cow in Pleasantville.


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  1. Do you need reviewers for Westchester Restaurant Week. I can do X20 and Morgan’s Fish House.

  2. Love Black Cow! (And yes, Monday certainly is all about coffffeeeeeeeee — even more so than Sunday, arguably!)

  3. We love the Deja Brew Cafe in Mount Vernon. It’s a great spot in Fleetwood that features excellent artisanal coffees and some of the most delicious basked goods we’ve ever had. If we’re ever in Pleasantville, we’ll be sure to give Black Cow a try!

  4. I love it also, BUT they always seem to be out of the coffee I want to purchase by the pound. Even if it is marked as the coffee of the day. Wish they would stay open later my kids wanna hang out there n talk over coffee but they end up going to Peekskill coffee instead, because they close too early in Croton.

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