Chocolate Chip Skillet at Restaurant North


There are plenty of reason to love Restaurant North in Armonk. There’s the farm-fresh cooking that makes eating seasonally a joy, even in the depth of winter. There’s the ultra-contemporary cuisine and the undertstated decor. It’s sunny during the day and romantic at night. But my most recent favorite reason to visit the restaurant is — no surprise for the people who know me — dessert. Or, in other words: the chocolate chip cookie skillet.

My friend and I stopped by for the pre-fixe lunch the other day (three courses for $25!), and I ended with the cookie skillet, which you can see above. It’s as simple as it sounds: basically a thick chocolate chip cookie cake baked in a skillet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Sometimes good doesn’t have to be complicated. It certainly doesn’t here.

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  1. You did this dish a disservice but not calling it by its official menu name. It’s called “The Super Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet”, and it is well deserved.

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