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I’m a wimp in the winter, one of those people who is always looking for a warm-up of some kind. Some people find theirs in hot chocolate, but I love a good hearty soup. My favorite, favorite, favorite of all time is Ladle of Love’s chicken dumpling. It’s hearty without being overly rich and makes me feel like I’m getting all of my vegetables in one bite. Plus, those chicken dumplings are delicious. Take a look:

Ladle’s owner Leslie Lampert told me on a recent interview about her soup that this one was born out of her love for chicken pot pie. She says it’s basically chicken pot pie, but thinned down. Anyway, I love it in the winter. Come to the think of it, I love it in the summer, too. Fortunately, it’s on the menu at Ladle of Love in Mount Kisco, all year round.

Want to learn more about this soup, or find out about other great soups nearby? Take a look at this article, which ran in The Journal News recently:

And here’s where to go to try Ladle’s amazing chicken dumpling: Ladle of Love, 11B South Moger Ave., Mount Kisco; 914-242-9661;


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