Chicken Dumpling Soup at Ladle of Love in Mount Kisco


On this winter day, we’re looking back at a story about must-try soups. Here’s a great one in Mount Kisco.

Chicken Dumpling Soup

Where to get it: Ladle of Love, Mount Kisco

Story behind it: “I love chicken pot pie,” says Leslie Lampert, the owner of Ladle of Love. “So when I was developing recipes for the shop, I was thinking, ‘how can I turn chicken pot pie into a soup?’ So many of Ladle’s recipes are soup versions of other comforting foods. Growing up, I ate chicken pot pie all the time. When I was in fourth grade, I’d go to my friend Beverly’s after school and I swear every day her mom heated us up Swanson’s chicken pot pie. It was such a feeling of warmth and comfort and being taken care of. At any rate, I was playing with the recipe, and like chicken pot pie, it’s made starting with a roux, then chicken stock. I added exponentially more chicken stock. The soup is basically chicken pot pie, thinned out. I didn’t want to add pie crust, so I thought I’m going to switch over to chicken dumplings. Since day one, it’s been a child and adult favorite. It’s comforting and it feels like pasta, like warmth. It feels like grandma’s house. In my case, it feels like Beverly’s house,” laughs Lampert.

Ingredients: Nothing surprising, says Lampert, but everything is very fresh: the carrots, the celery. “When possible we use farm carrots and farm vegetables,” she says. And she’s tweaked her recipe over the years: Originally, the soup was made with milk, but now it’s not. “There’s no dairy in this soup, except for butter,” she says. “The dumplings are handmade every morning: we pinch them, not roll them. We don’t make them perfect.”The soup is made with shredded, boneless, skinless chicken breast. “I think that makes it more tender. We used to cube the chicken, then went to shredding, because it feels more home cooked. We make our own chicken stock. A soup’s only as good as how good the stock is,” she says.

Why we love it: It’s a savory chicken stew that makes a satisfying quick lunch on the go, or pack it up and reheat it later, and you’ve got yourself one of the best — and healthiest — takeout dinners you can buy. Real chunks of chicken, plus peas, carrots, celery and light delicate dumplings make this soup a hearty meal in a cup. And yes, it reminds us so much of grandma’s house. And chicken pot pie.

Great for: A savory lunch on the go. But buy a large carton — we know you won’t eat it all in one sitting and that’s the point: It reheats beautifully for dinner.

Also at Ladle: Fresh-made soups and gourmet salads — don’t miss the Cobb salad, which contains everything but the kitchen sink — and panini. Oh, and how could we forget? The best mac and cheese on the planet.

Grab a spoonful: 11B South Moger Ave., Mount Kisco, 914-242-9661,

— Mary Lynn Mitcham

Mary Lynn’s original post is here: Ladle of Love Soup


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