Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012: Meet Guest Blogger Susan Pava Nusbaum


Food, glorious food!  Lucky for me I have a speeding freight train for a metabolism. I get to eat everything and then some. I’m a real ‘foodie’ who went to cooking school to become better versed in the culinary arts. After all, good food and it’s skillful preparation is in fact, art.

I’m a collector of all things cooking be they interesting gadgets, the latest appliance, cookbooks and cooking magazines galore. I have lived in lower Hudson Valley for 13 years now and am always on the prowl for new, interesting gourmet food stores and restaurants.

Ask any one, they’ll tell you I’m the ‘go-to girl’ for the latest and greatest restaurant find! For that reason alone I’m excited to participate in reviewing this years Hudson Valley’s Restaurant week. Happy eating!


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