Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012: Meet Guest Blogger Michelle Koufopoulos


I was born and raised in coastal Connecticut, amid an amalgam of cultures and foods. My father is a Greek immigrant who left Athens on a scholarship to the U.S. at eighteen; he would tell me stories as a kid of working in an ice cream parlor in midtown in the ‘60s, dishing out ice cream to Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and everyone told him he looked like George Harrison. My mother’s background is Slavic and meals at my grandmother’s house meant laboriously prepared golabki, elaborate cookies, simmering roasts. Christmas Eve was always fried sole and pirogues; Easter was kielbasa and cheese my grandfather would squeeze by hand. No matter how complicated or time-consuming the recipe, my grandmother made it seem effortless.

My college years brought me to Sarah Lawrence, where I was exposed to the culinary variety that Westchester and New York City have to offer. And now that my boyfriend, a Pelham native, and I are beginning our life together, I look forward to discovering more about the Hudson Valley all the time—starting with restaurant week!

I’m a freelance writer, Assistant Editor of The Faster Times and Web Editor of Freerange Nonfiction, as well as a book lover and tea enthusiast. You can follow me on Twitter @_belletristic_



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