Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012: Meet Guest Blogger Paul Zagaroli


My name is Paul Zagaroli , and I absolutely love food! Eating out has become one of my favorite past times. Trying out new types of food and cuisine is what I enjoy most. There is nothing more exciting than watching a server approach my table holding an entree that I have never ordered before, as I anticipate laying my eyes on the dish for the first time.

All of the restaurants that I will be reviewing I have never been to before, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with fellow food lovers. Not just the taste, but the dining out experience as a whole. I enjoy talking about food and restaurants, comparing notes with friends, and describing a meal or the ambiance of a restaurant in vivid detail.

Food has also been the way I explore and identify with different cultures. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures during HVRW 12.



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