Bistro Lilly in Goshen: Hudson Valley Restaruant Week 2012


One of the restaurant experiences I have grown to love in New York City and the Hudson Valley is the sidewalk cafe or bistro and while dining al fresco is not a requirement, the feeling and atmosphere simply adds another element and sparks another sense.  Hi. I’m guest blogger Sharon MacGregor. While my son and I had a lunch date at Bistro Lilly, we were able to sit at the table in the open doorway which gave us one figurative foot in and outdoors.

It was easy for us to find a number of things we would enjoy on the menu and finally decided to start with the French Onion and Butternut Squash soups.

The french onion soup broth was robust and included a tomato base for the sween onions.  A grilled bread slice topped with Manchego cheese brought this soup into a more modern light and was also a bit more practical to eat with fingers rather than trying to chase a toasted crouton around with a spoon.

The butternut squash soup was silky, smooth and sweet with a dollop of sour cream.  The portion was quite generous and it took a lot of self-control to not pick up and lick the bowl, but rather behave like a lady and put it aside for the main course.

A medium-rare and tender steak sandwich nestled over a bed of baby greens atop a warm and grilled tortilla shell was served with a topping of delicately fried sweet onions.  Along side the sandwich, my new love and constant craving, crispy thin, sprinkled with sea salt, truffle fries.  In keeping with the spirit of trying two different dishes, I was momentarily tempted to select a different accompanying side for my main course, but am so grateful I choose these as well with my Mahi Mahi fish tacos.

The fish was perfectly cooked and presented with a base of black bean salsa (a crisp comination of vegetable confetti including green bell pepper, tomato, corn and black beans) over baby greens, topped with slices of avocado and sauced with a mild remoulade.  Eaten either by hand or politely with fork and knife, these beautiful and tasty tacos were served on a warm plate and though the smoky background was present, they were not overly seasoned or spicy.  Ah, those crisp truffle fries did keep my up at night as I dreamed of the next time I could be in Goshen.

Dessert?  With barely room for more, we decided to take my son’s apple streudel home (which my husband heated later that night with much delight) while I started my lemon tart.  The tart arrived on a plate with raspberry sauce, dusted with confectionary sugar and a dollop of freshly whipped cream.  The lemon flavor was the perfect balance between sweet and tart, leaning more toward the refreshing tangy side and swirling the pastry in the raspberry sauce then dipping into the cream allowed for a pleasing bite.

Enjoying the leftovers the next day, I realize we were served generous portions and while gently heating the truffle fries in a hot pan may not seem the ideal situation it took the edge off until I can enjoy them freshly prepared once more.

I know I look forward to sharing this local bistro with my mother, sister or girlfriends, it is also the perfect spot for a date night or weekend change of pace.  This was a lunch of sunshine through the food, company and atmosphere.  I will return to Bistro Lilly.

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