Le Provencal Bistro in Mamaroneck – Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012


Hi Everyone! This is guest blogger Rinku Bhattacharya, and I am thrilled to report my first HVRW meal was so good, that I want to go back to the place tomorrow. The place being Le Provencal Bistro, in Mamaroneck.

The charming little restaurant located in Mamaroneck, is just the cheery kind of place that calls your name on a lovely spring day. The walls were done in pretty shades of yellow and covered with artwork that
was contemporary and pleasant in mostly neutral colors. Jars and wine bottles were arranged on wooden shelves that make you feel comfortably and cozy. I wasglad that we had picked lunchtime, since the meal allowed us a chance to enjoy the picture perfect weather. The restaurant was busy, but not too crowded and we were greeted and seated in a prompt and friendly manner.

On to the menu, the first thing that caught my attention was
the number of choices that they had. It is always nice to feel that there is enough to choose from, as sometimes with pre-fixes the selection can be limited. They had about five or six appetizers, ranging from salads, soups and pate platters.

My husband picked the wild mushroom soup and I had the pate
platter. When our servings came, I was also struck by the large serving sizes.
The pate platter could have been a meal in its self, served with a lovely fresh
green salad it prepped me for the rest of the meal. The flavors of the food
were simple, bright and cooked to well balanced perfection. The mushroom soup
was mild, rich tasting and not diluted with cream or other flavor neutralizing
agents leaving you to taste the earthy woodiness of the mushrooms and the richness of the broth that the soup was cooked in.

 We moved on to the main courses. My husband had
the John Dory, which was served on a bed of nicely braised bok choy and some
diced tomatoes, it was very flavorful and nicely done. The fish was cooked to a lovely crispness without compromising any of its moistness and complimented the gentle tang of the tomatoes perfectly.

My coq au vin is probably one of the best meals I have tried and it will definitely bring me back to the restaurant again. The sauce was rich and deep (in fact, I am sorry the picture does not do justice to the dish), covering really well done fork tender chicken. The chicken came with garlicky green beans steamed to tender perfection and smooth but not overly rich mashed potatoes. I enjoyed the meal with their house rose, which was a perfect balance for the diversity of flavors that the meal offered.

Although we were too full for dessert, we ate it anyway. The five options for dessert made is difficult to settle for the two, but we ordered the profiteroles and a lemon tart. The profiteroles were delightfully done with a rich chocolate sauce over smooth vanilla ice cream. I am a compulsive lemon addict and their light version with the thinnest of crusts was a perfect ending for the meal.












The 411 on Le Provencal.


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