Milonga Restaurant in White Plains: Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012


Well we joined 21 others for a beautifully presented feast at a somewhat different type of restaurant. Yes,  Donna Monaco Olsen and Bradley Olsen really do have that many friends and acquaintances who want to try a new place during HVRW 2012. Milonga is billed as serving Argentinian & Mediterranean fare as well as tapas in the bar.

The service could not have been better in accommodating such a big group. This restaurant has little hideaways for more private dining and a central room housing several tables (enough to fit all of us), so that we felt like it was a private spot. We were very comfortable and felt like we were not bothering others since we are a noisy “foodie” bunch, who chat about our plates and where we are dining next in somewhat loud tones.  The owner is a lovely woman named Miryam Rendon who floated in and out greeting tables of patrons.  She informed us that they are opening another hot spot on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains soon and that will also serve arepas and kabobs. Possibly a more casual place?

Back to the meal at hand. Small on space and “spaces” they offer valet parking. The staff truly doted on us and we did not have to request water which is refreshing in both senses. This restaurant is being so gracious during HVRW that they are including a salad course choice and an appetizer course choice.  We were impressed that they were able to handle a large group and bring out our food all together and we enjoyed the yeasty, warm crunchy bread with olive oil while we waited.

Of the appetizers offered the duck wrap was deemed the best tasting and prettiest presentation, both it and the empanada were oddly accompanied by a squirt of mashed potatoes for an appetizer (maybe trying to fill the plate void?).  The clams were a bit overcooked and tough (due to being on the larger side we presume) but still had a nice ocean taste.  Both salads were okay and adequate as a bonus and the cheese elements on both were tasty, especially the crisply fried goat cheese disk on the garden salad choice. The dressing on the apple salad had a better flavor than the citrus vinaigrette on the garden salad.  All the appetizers including the salads were nicely plated with care, time and thought.


The main courses were all good. I ordered the Rigatoni and although a very Italian offering, it was not heavy. I enjoyed the al dente pasta, onions, and pancetta in a very nice brothy sauce. Odd that both fish choices were Tilapia but both looked and tasted very good. We liked the “height” that the fried linguine provided. The hanger steak was plated nicely and topped with mushrooms, peppers and onions. I did n0t personally see anyone order the chicken but that too sounded delicious.  All of us enjoyed our meals and most plates were empty.


Both choices for dessert were individually plated with care and were very light tasting for usually heavy types of sweets, The Tres Leches (three milks) cake and Tiramisu were served in squares with sauce. You can see in the photos how creative they were in plating along with several sauces (mango was amazing). Our dessert plates were almost licked clean as they tasted terrific.  As a bonus this restaurant complimentary serves coffee or tea with your meal.







I should not forget to mention how wonderful the sangria tasted. They mince apple so that as you sip you get little bits of fruit through the straw. Most of us preferred the lighter tasting white sangria but both were a major hit.

Cheers to summer!Definitely worth a try. Friendly efficient service, good food and a fun atmosphere!

The 411 on Milonga Wine & Tapas.


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  1. Although I didn’t visit Milonga during HVRW, I have been there on a few different occassions. The food there is fabulous (try the chicken in the lemon wine sauce) and the service is fabulous. This restaurant is truly a gem!

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