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Asian Temptation in White Plains is the perfect lunch spot for me, a plant-eater and my omnivore husband.  We can run our errands, see a movie and get a great meal all in the City Centre.

On one such errand day we found ourselves on the tail end of a busy, Friday lunch-crowd. But as most folks were going back to their office, we began a tasty, leisurely meal.  When dining at Asian Temptation, I tend to be a creature of habit. I either go with the Vietnamese salad or I opt for vegan sushi (the peanut and avocado sushi is one my favorites). This time, however, I craved a big, hearty meal because somehow I forgot to eat breakfast.

My husband started with the scallion pancakes while I opted for a simple house salad.

The light lime vinaigrette and mango shreds make this salad particularly fresh and filling.

When my husband ordered some type of beef dish with rice I ordered the vegetable udon, a first for me at this restaurant.

What a great choice!  The udon noodles were superb and nothing makes me happier than seeing lots of green when I order a vegetable dish.

We have dined at Asian Temptation too many times to count. The food is consistently good, the wine selection is nice (nothing fancy, but you can get a solid pour), and a vegan and meat-eater can dine in harmony.

Asian Temptation
23 Mamaroneck Ave.
White Plains, New York, 10601

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