Westchester Breakfast Club Roundup!


We’re smack dab in the middle of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Only instead of hot dogs and popcorn and beer, the WBC is enjoying pastries and French toast and coffee. (If you don’t know the original song, then you probably have no idea what we’re talking about right now. That’s ok. We’ll get to the food part soon.)

Because of the heat, the WBC has been a little lazy about our breakfasting, and made it to only two places during the month of July: Terra Rustica in Briarcliff and Strawberry Place in Nyack. (Yes, yes, we know Nyack isn’t in Westchester. But a visit to our western neighbors was in order.)

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July 7, 2012:  This was our second visit to Terra Rustica, but this was justified by the fact that our first visit was over two years ago. We were very pleased with our breakfast the first time around, so it was definitely time to stop in again and see if history would repeat itself. Well, it did, and we left once again satisfied with our breakfasts from Terra Rustica. They offer a very economical breakfast special, and you can select from a rather varied menu that has everything from basic eggs and pancakes to fritattas—even a calamari frittata for the daring breakfasters among us. Alas, the WBC is just not that daring, so we stuck to a few basics which were done very well. Terra Rustica provides classic breakfast food at good prices in an atmosphere that’s more pleasant than a diner. (But as Shelley pointed out, they have got to do something about the music selection.) And we did get real maple syrup, but for an extra charge.



July 15, 2012:  Imagine our surprise to discover that Strawberry Place over the bridge in Nyack offers more than just strawberries. For one thing, at this glorious place the real maple syrup is free. That’s right. Real. Maple. Syrup. FOR FREE! It went well with Jeff’s Lazy Hazy Challah French Toast (so appropriately named for a broiling Sunday morning). Sylvia’s American Flag French Toast, left, while colorful, had any underlying griddle flavor that, while distracting, wasn’t bad enough to stop her from cleaning her plate. And unfortunately the bacon that Reid sampled didn’t impress. That said, we enjoyed Strawberry Place for what it’s trying to do and would give it a second chance to pass muster.


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