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[Note from the writer:  This post was edited on August 23, 2012 to correct items originally reported as vegan; the wild mushroom burger and avocado mousse are vegetarian.  You can read more about it here.]

I have been hearing great things about the veggie burger at Cafe of Love in Mt. Kisco and recently found myself within miles of the restaurant; it was time to try it myself!

Cafe of Love is a farm to table restaurant and the decor reflects the sentiment on the menu.  You feel as if you are dining in a farm house.

We started lunch off with a glass of Prosseco

and nibbled on the bread basket and bean dip as we perused the menu.

The summer lunch menu is extremely meat-centric so the lone veggie burger stands out and the description – Wild Mushroom Burger – makes it pop, too.

But before I got to bite into that infamous burger, I enjoyed a bowl of gazpacho because the hot and humid day was simply perfect for a chilled soup.

The avocado mousse was a delightful addition to the light starter. EDITED:  The avocado mousse is not vegan – details here.

The server brought out truffled chickpeas, compliments of the chef – perhaps because I requested a vegan option to the brioche and they wanted to share another vegan option from the menu.

These chickpeas are unbelievably good!

Finally.  The Wild Mushroom Burger.

To make the burger order completely vegan, request no bun, or another bread option, as the brioche is not vegan. (I ordered the burger with multigrain toasted bread.)  EDITED: The Wild Mushroom Burger is not vegan – details here.

One look at the burger and I insisted that my husband, the non-vegan, take the first bite. It resembled an actual beef burger!  With his assurances that it was, indeed, plant-based, I took a huge bite. The burger is rich. It’s flavorful.  It’s huge!  And it’s delicious.

Cafe of Love
38 East Main Street
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 242-1002

I Eat Plants columnist JL Fields is a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator.  She writes about her transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle at JL goes Vegan: Food & Fitness with a Side of Kale. Her original recipes have been featured on Foodbuzz, BlogHer and Meatless Monday. She is the editor of the community blog Stop Chasing Skinny: Find Happiness Beyond the Scale.   JL is the founder and lead consultant for JL Fields Consulting.  She serves on the advisory board of Our Hen House.  Follow JL on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and Google+.


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  1. Be careful – now that you have tasted Cafe of Love’s truffled chickpeas, you will start dreaming about them — they are totally addictive. There’s lots of love going into the dishes at Cafe of Love; glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Kimberley Maunder on

    mushroom burger….. I live in Kenya, Africa and am vegan. I can never have enough mushroom dishes and the idea of a burger really appeals! Is it possible to have the recipe, as I bought several different mushroom varieties today and would like to make the burger? Many thanks, Kimberley

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