Westchester Breakfast Club September Roundup!


Fall’s upon us. And it’s never too soon to start packing on the pounds for a long winter hibernation, so the WBC spent September packing it on at a variety of places: Eileen’s Country Kitchen in Yonkers,  Encore Bistro in Larchmont, Brazen Fox in White Plains, and Bagels and More in Hartsdale.

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Eileen’s Country Kitchen

Sept. 3: We celebrate Labor Day by heading to Yonkers for a little taste of Ireland in Westchester. Eileen’s Country Kitchen serves standard diner fare in a cozy Irish themed space. And yes, you can get an Irish Breakfast. You can also get an Irish Breakfast in omelette form, which is exactly what Sylvia did. The omelette contained plenty of Irish sausage and black and white pudding. Reid, meanwhile, discovered that Irish bacon doesn’t look like the bacon we’re used to, instead looks much like ham. Eileen’s also serves a solid basic Western omelette. Oh, and we’re still talking about the basket of delicious soda bread, which was generously refilled every time we emptied it (which was often throughout the course of this meal).

The 411 on Eileen’s Country Kitchen.


Encore Bistro

Sept. 16: Sylvia runs. A lot. And she therefore needs a hearty breakfast to keep her refueled after burning so many calories. Fortunately Encore Bistro in Larchmont provided just the sustenance she needed after a Sunday morning race. Enter one delectable, delightfully oversized croque madame and a side of garlic sausage. Sylvia raved about the perfectly cooked egg (with just enough yolk), the irresistible melted cheese, and the solid slice of ham. But she was a little green with envy too after snagging a taste of her friend’s Salade de Roquette (it has lobster in it–’nuff said). The full WBC will have to pay a visit to Encore Bistro for a relaxing Sunday brunch in a lovely town.

The 411 on Encore Bistro.


Brazen Fox

Sept. 23: Sometimes you need to go a pub, even for breakfast. The WBC decided to continue its brunch pub crawl of Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains at Brazen Fox (we already paid a visit to neighboring Ron Black’s in March). What we got actually turned out to be better than your average bar food. Shelley enjoyed a very generous, fluffy omelette, which came served with toast and home fries. She also loved the pancakes that Andrew got, even if he was a little lukewarm about them. Sylvia kept it healthy with a hearty bowl of oatmeal and an egg. The food was served promptly and at reasonable prices. Plus we got to catch the beginning of that week’s early afternoon Jets game. If you want to pair brunch with football in a laidback atmosphere, then Brazen Fox is the place for you.

The 411 on Brazen Fox.

Bagels and More

Sept 30: We wound down the month with a return to simplicity. Shelley and Jeff paid a visit to Bagels and More in Hartsdale where they enjoyed…well, bagels and more. The horseradish cream cheese that this neighborhood bagel shop/deli offers is a pick-me-up addition to any average toasted bagel. And some of the bagel offerings here are far from average. In addition to your basic plain, poppy, and pumpernickel bagels, you can throw a pesto bagel or a sundried tomato bagel into the mix. The prices are great, and Bagels and More is a perfect place to stop for a simple weekend meal or to grab a bagel on your way to the train station.

The 411 on Bagels &  More.


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