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Hello all, my name is David Dallow. I am an avid eater, enthusiastic cook and devout lover of all things food related. One day I had the brilliant pretty good idea of combining food with another passion of mine, writing. On that historic day, was born! Now in its third year, my humble website has become an invaluable resource, providing recipes and restaurant recommendations to at least 12 or 13 local residents. Rumor has it that 7 even liked them! I am grateful to Liz for allowing me the Small Bites stage from which to speak to you all about restaurants, food and food related topics of interest. It will be my goal to be interesting, informative and entertaining. Hopefully I will be more successful in this goal than in the one to become a competitive eating champion. That was disappointing. And disgusting.

When I’m not cooking or eating I teach martial arts and get bullied by my FoodieKids. The irony is not lost on me. I look forward to speaking with you all often!


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  1. Fran Desposito on

    Love your website! Must
    thank my younger sister Patrice Costa who writes for Small Bites & Behind The Kitchen Door. Enjoy your recipes and humor.Now I can enjoy your blogs on Facebook.

  2. westchesterfoodie on

    Thanks Fran! And an eternal thanks to your little sister who is a constant source of validation for me.

  3. Awwwww! My sister is THE BEST (but don’t tell my brother!) So happy to have my culinary hero, WestchesterFoodie, sharing his tales on Small Bites.

  4. westchesterfoodie on

    I won’t tell your brother, but so far, of the family I’ve met, I’m a huge fan!

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