Meet Guest Blogger: Theresa Narvesen, Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Fall 2012


Hello! I’m Theresa Narvesen, and I am so excited to be a guest blogger during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. What an amazing opportunity! I grew up in New York, and I have been living in Dutchess County for about 3 years. I teach English at a local middle school, and I am also a fitness instructor.

Although the culinary arts are not what I went to college for, I have always had a true passion for food. People can always count on me to know all the good restaurants, no matter where we are. Chances are I have already looked online at the restaurants and all their menus. Who doesn’t look forward to a good meal?! I watch the cooking channel and cooking shows in my spare time. While others may find it boring, I find it comforting and informative. As an at-home cook, I become very ambitious on a daily basis. Food is a way to express myself, and it is also the way I show my family and friends how much they mean to me. Planning daily meals or a delicious menu is something I can do and thoroughly enjoy. I am constantly searching the internet and cookbooks for inventive, new recipes. One of my greatest experiences was being able to take a cooking class at The Culinary Institute in Hyde Park. Working closely with some wonderfully knowledgeable chefs made for an amazing experience. My love for cooking and fresh ingredients grew immensely that day!

I am an avid writer, and in my spare time I write my own online food blog, The Delicious Bite. Material for my blog is never in shortage. Trying new recipes on a daily basis, and frequenting great Hudson Valley restaurants with my husband, I always have plenty to photograph and write about. I look forward to exploring food on a whole new level during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Cheers!


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