Meet Guest Blogger: Aimee & Kevin Ellis, Hudson Valley Restuarant Week Fall 2012


Hello!  Aimee & Kevin Ellis here. We are very excited for the opportunity to serve as guest bloggers for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2012.

We are Putnam County residents but we both work in Westchester.  I work for Chase Media Group and Kevin works for Geek Squad.  Working in the customer service & sales industry, we don’t get to go out and splurge a whole lot, but when we do, we like to make it count!   We’ve dined out locally and up and down the East Coast, all in search of a tasty morsel.  Traveling is one of my true passions. I love the thought of waking up someplace new each morning but at the same token, being around friends & family to enjoy a wonderful meal is what brings people together.   Me (Aimee) being of Italian decent and Kevin growing up on Southern fare, we both associate food with love, comfort and togetherness.   All of these things made us realize that we wanted to document our journey and have something to look back on and reminisce.  So, a few months ago we decided to start our own blog to chronicle our  explorations & experiences with food & travel and update regularly about new recipes and restaurants we’ve tried.  We chose to blog about our food ventures because food is just that – an adventure!  A new taste, a new texture, a new flavor, something to dazzle the tongue and to write home about!

Many years ago, Kevin took culinary courses and really had it in his heart to become a chef.   Then he got a job at a restaurant and soon realized he found more pleasure in cooking for friends and family than for profit.   His schooling and career took a different path after that, but cooking and the very science of it is still a big part of his life – and mine!   As a technical cook, Kevin follows recipes.  He calls me the ‘abstract cook’ which is laughable – I grew up in my mother’s kitchen. She used what she had and not only made it work but made it taste amazing.  I tend to take a recipe and make it my own.  Lots of happy mistakes in my kitchen.  Some things work, others don’t.  Win, lose or draw – we blog about it, pictures & all!

I hope this introduction helps you get to know a little bit about us – The Ellis’ – and that you’ll further enjoy our Hudson Valley Restaurant Week guest blogs to come!




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