Westchester Breakfast Club’s October Roundup!


Fall’s here! Along with winter it seems. Time for some hearty breakfasts to get us through the tough times.

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River City Grille, Irvington


Oct. 7 : Superfriends Jeff and Antonia head to this Irvington establishment for brunch. River City Grille has a diner feel to it, but more upscale, as reflected in the higher prices. But, for a special brunch, we recommend the quiche and the monstrous breakfast bowl, which serves up eggs, chorizo, salsa served over black beans and rice. May be a bit heavy for a first meal of the day, but if your stomach can take it, it’s worth the experience. The 411 on River City Grille.

Sunset Cove, Tarrytown

Oct. 21: A birthday is a special occasion, and deserves a special meal. For this, we turned to Sunset Cove. We’ve long talked about trying the brunch buffet, but we knew it had to be for an actual occasion and not just any ol’ Sunday. We were not disappointed. For $27.50 you can get all the brunch food you want, from any kind of eggs, sweets like French toast and pastries, meats like sausage and bacon, lox, bagels, meats, pasta, desserts. And let’s not forget the mimosas. Get a group, make a reservation, and arrive with an empty stomach. (Note: Our visit was pre-Sandy, so we all hope that Sunset Cove didn’t sustain too much damage.) The 411 on Sunset Cove.

Eldorado Diner 1, Elmford

Oct. 28: Eldorado Diner 1 is in Elmsford. It’s not to be confused with Eldorado Diner West in Tarrytown, or the Eldorado Diner on Central Avenue near Scarsdale. Before the big storm hit Sylvia and Jeff fueled up their stomachs at this old family favorite. It serves up basic diner food, nothing that particularly wows, but if you want hearty food that’s a bang for your buck, then head on over.


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