Meet Small Bites Blog Contributor Christina Halpin: a HVRW Blogger Back for More


Hi all! It’s Christina Halpin of HVRW fame back again to chat and chew. After my brush with blogging for Restaurant Week, I found myself hungry for more Small Bites.

 Once you have all forgiven me for my shameless use of food puns, please do read on about what I’ll be talking about in my latest endeavor on the Small Bites blog.

 We cool? Okay! In my first intro, I mentioned that I have returned to my home county Westchester to live out my latest & greatest adventure – my one-year-old-daughter, Maddie. I turned each of my three visits in to a different event – one a night out to toast my just-about-to-be-married best bud, a date night sipping suds with my husband & even a mini high school reunion. As a working Mama, nights out are rare and when they happened, have to be planned down to the last detail (I even usually show up to eateries with my entrée & drink order pre-planned. Wish I was kidding!) These double-duty dinners covered all my bases and left me wanting to seek out & share more local spots.

On the Small Bites blog, I’m looking to hook up my fellow Westchester Moms (and any other busy folk!) with the best bangs for your buck and all the Must Try’s in the “Twenty Minutes Outside of the City” vicinity. I also want to invite you in to join me as I try to recreate dishes in my own kitchen or how I survive playing host when both sides of my family end up at my place for the holidays.

I hope you’ll enjoy more of my take on Westchester’s foodie favs and that you’ll read along!

-Christina Halpin


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