Foodies 101: Meet Aimee & Kevin Ellis, HVRW Guest Bloggers turned Small Bites Contributors!


foodie, foody[?fu?d?]

n pl -ies

A person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food.

Hello & welcome to a new Small Bites column: Foodies 101, where we explore our budding interest in all things cooking, dining and eating, and share what we learn with you.

Maybe you remember us, we’re The Ellises, guest bloggers from the HVRW Fall 2012.  I’m Aimee Ellis, and standing in the kitchen covered in confectioners’ sugar is my husband, Kevin.   We were recently asked to write our own contribution to Small Bites.

This amazing and unexpected opportunity makes us a little shy.  But just being ourselves; genuinely curious about food and all it has to offer, is what got us to this point.  That being said, we can’t wait to share our adventures (and misadventures) through this culinary existence with you!

In our HVRW intro we mentioned that we have different ways of cooking. Kevin is the technical cook, and I am the “abstract” cook.  Together we love to try out new recipes and share our culinary triumphs and calamities with the world through our own blog.  ‘Eats & Treats’ really began because I enjoy writing and Kevin loves to cook.

What happens when you combine those things in the pressure cooker of life?  KABOOM – love at first bite.  We don’t have a ton of money and can’t go out to eat that often, so we like to attempt new creations at home.

When we do go out on the town, we have so much fun;  trying to discreetly take photos of our food, Kevin laughing at my expressions when I try something new, me laughing back when he inevitably spills something. We love this roller coaster ride and thankfully it makes many stops along the way.  Small Bites is just one of them and we would love to hang out for while, if you’ll have us!

We hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read so far and that you will keep learning with us on this epic journey through Foodies 101.


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