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Spices and Seasons – 2012 Wrap Up

This is the last post of year, and while I had not planned it I shall break this up a little and actually pause before I offer you my next recipe, which shall not be until next year. I hope everyone is taking a little time off to celebrate some peace happiness and togetherness. We really do not need Christmas, New Year or anything else to do that. However, an excuse helps!

The year ended on a sad note, it was difficult as a parent not to be saddened by the Newtown activities and sometimes trying not to think of something makes it worse, so I have allowed myself to accept that it was painful and difficult.

Back to the year, I have really enjoyed being able to share some of my recipes, thoughts and seasonal offerings from my garden this past year with you and look forward to doing more of that in the upcoming year. I am actually taking two weeks off to recharge my batteries and actually spend time researching and checking out some more food destinations.

In the vien of a picture being like a thousand words, I have a slideshow of my posts from this column, I enjoyed going through it and I hope that you will to.

[1] [2]

Here is wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a VERY happy new year!


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