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Latin Twist: The Bellini (Peach Purée and Champagne Cocktail!)

Many of you have Super Bowl on your mind, and though this is not  your typical football cocktail, maybe it can be. Or, it could be the perfect brunch drink served on Super Bowl Sunday, or, well, any Sunday! We made Bellinis last week in a cooking class, and once again, they were a huge hit! It’s always best to make them with fresh peach purée, and of course we’ll use that when peaches are back. But in the meantime, we’ve got options!

Bubbles make it fun—and this drink, super simple and tasty,  is a great way to start a brunch or evening celebration.  And—if you’re looking for something fun to go with it, how about some chimichurri [1]? (We also made this Argentine pesto at Don Coqui’s last Friday night!) Chimichurri is great on toasts, and also greatly complements sandwiches, which are totally Super Bowl fare! Bellinis also marry well with those pastry pockets of flavor: empanadas. Check out my Empanadas [2] (yes, mis amigos, some of you made these with me last Friday, too!).  OR as many of you have declared ultimate love for these treats, how about the Brazilian Cheese puffs!  [3] Ah…the list goes on!

Be sure to use nicely chilled cava or Prosecco for your Bellinis. Cheers — and ¡Salud!

Latin Twist: The Bellini (Peach Purée and Champagne Cocktail!)

Serving Size: One

Latin Twist: The Bellini (Peach Purée and Champagne Cocktail!)

Argentine-Style Bellini Adapted from Mambo Mixers, by Arlen Gargagliano, ©2005 Photo by Dasha Wright


  • 3 ounces fresh peach purée, or excellent-quality peach nectar (I have found that Looza brand, available in many Westchester markets, works well!)
  • 5 ounces chilled cava or Prosecco
  • 1 thin peach slice and or a raspberry for garnish


  1. Pour the peach purée into an 8-ounce champagne glass or flute.
  2. Slowly add the sparkling wine or Prosecco.
  3. Stir lightly, garnish, and serve!
  4. Repeat as needed--of course--for all your guests!
  5. Note: If you're making these for a crowd, pour the purée in a pitcher, and gradually, add the sparkling wine.
  6. Stir to lessen some of the foam, and serve!
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