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I Eat Plants: Bellota at 42

Last week, some of my colleagues from Small Bites [1] and I went to Bellota at 42 [2] in White Plains. I’m still relatively new to the area, and though I happen to live in White Plains, but I had no idea that this was the restaurant at the top of the Ritz-Carlton [3]– so I learned something!

If like I was, you are unfamiliar with Bellota at 42, it’s the tapas bar inside of 42 [4]. You enter the Ritz lobby, walk down a hallway to an elevator and take it to “R.” There was a very nice woman at the desk of the Ritz who showed me where to go, and there was another woman at the elevator who was able to confirm I was in the right place. This helps, when you have a poor sense of direction like myself! 🙂

The atmosphere is what I would term “fancy.” Not someplace I would want to go if I were wearing my yoga pants, but having come there from work (business casual), I felt dressed appropriately.

A request had been made ahead of time to make sure that there would be vegan options available for me. This is helpful when you’re going somewhere new, however, it looks like I would have been fine anyway! Several of the dishes I was served were straight off the menu, including the Padrones (peppers), hummus, and Garbanzos. It looks like the other two dishes were easily made vegan.

The waitstaff let me know exactly what on the table I would be able to eat, which was very nice. I was still feeling under the weather from my bout with the flu [5], so I wasn’t drinking, but it seems as though the staff is aware of vegan alcohol options- as in one of the dishes sserved to my colleagues, Meyer lemons poached in wine, was not identified to me as vegan, but the beer used in the beer batter for onion rings was. It does make me feel as though I’m in good hands when staff is knowledgeable about lesser-known vegan issues!

I didn’t stay for dessert, but I do see sorbet on the menu. I would of course ask before ordering, but sorbet is generally dairy-free by definition.

So what was the food like?

See for yourself!


Padrones- padron peppers [7], blistered and sprinkled with salt. They say 1 in 35 are super hot! I only got mild ones.


Hummus with olive tapanade. Just your standard hummus, but very tasty!


Garbanzos- out of this world fried chickpeas with regular chickpeas, peppers, parsley and spices. This was my favorite dish. Highly recommend!


Arugula, pecans and apples, with an apple cider vinaigrette. A sweet and mild tasting salad.


Monster onion rings- usually served with blue cheese, but delicious without!

I was so stuffed by the end! It’s always nice to go somewhere that has lots of vegan options- especially this kind of variety. This would be a great place to go if you’re with non-vegan friends, but I think it works for an all-vegan group as well. I will definitely be going back!

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How can you not check out such a cool and vegan-friendly place?

I Eat Plants columnist Jodie Deignan went vegetarian in 2004 and fully committed to veganism in 2007. By day she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner and by night she spends a lot of time cooking delicious vegan food for herself and her friends. She’s a bit of a picky eater, with a special distaste for mushrooms, seaweed, raw tomatoes, and eggplant, though she’s discovered along the way she’s a little more open-minded than she once thought. She blogs at The Picky Vegan [16]. Follow her on Facebook [17], Twitter [18] and Pinterest [19].