The Triumphant Return: Peekskill Brewery’s New Digs


Mine eyes have seen the glory.

The good folks at Peekskill Brewery have moved on up and let’s just cut to the chase – it rocks. My first Small Bites gig was covering this Northern Westchester joint for HVRW back in the fall and perhaps you’ll remember my enthusiasm for the place. From stellar service to tasty dishes (and of course house-brewed, frosty beer), my cross-county sojourn was worth every drop of temporarily-hard-to-come-by gas. The only dark mark on my otherwise flawless meal was the entirely sub-par space in which I ate it.

I’m sorry good folks of Peekskill Brewery, now that I have seen your incredible new digs it’s hard to imagine a life before that beauty.

I had promised to return once the move was complete and I anxiously stalked their Facebook in hopes of seeing the words I’d been longing to see – “the kitchen is open”. Arrived they did, so my husband, my two buds and I journeyed back northward to revisit. For starters, for those of you who have already made your way over to the brewery will find that the new address is simple enough to find – it’s the big, fabulous building across the street. The first happy surprise, however, is now Peekskill Brewery has an entire parking lot right next to their establishment. Now, you can make your grand entrance through the front doors, landing right in brew-country – essentially a sports bar, complete with dart board and boisterous conversation. The bottom floor is filled with plenty of barroom accoutrement like long, tall tables arranged with plenty of space so patrons can mill around the room, abundant stools tucked around bar and funky touches like low-hanging retro lightbulbs and a minimalistic mural painted on the wall. But if you pick door number two, you will be entering a veritable “choose your own adventure.”

For now, you can continue on through the side entrance up the second floor and on to a gourmet dinner, swing to your right and on in to the Tap Room for a pint or just hang out sneaking a peek on the tanks. My fellow adventurers and I took a few minutes to glance around the joint before racing on upstairs ready to tuck in to dinner. (The location might’ve been new and surprising, but one thing was bound to be warm and familiar – the amazing foooood!) Once ascended, we found another spacious room with a friendly hostess at the door who informed us of a short wait and guided us over to room’s private bar to wait. We merrily tucked around it and scoped out the crowd while sipping our pre-dinner refreshments. The bar got busy, but never packed and the tables were arranged artfully around a center-of-the-room atrium which peered downward to the lower levels. Our wait was barely noticeable before we were led to a cozy table and were greeted by my favorite waitress – Lori! (Who recognized me from my last blog and made me feel FAMOUS!) Again we were met with stellar service ensuring that the gang at Peekskill Brewery certainly has not forgotten their roots.

Once we were through, we made our way back downstairs, bellies filled with poutine (now with available with SHORT RIB!) and a super flavorful take on fish and chips – fried monkfish. As we left, around 9:30, we noticed that the scene in the Tap Room was picking up, becoming understandably busier. Snowflakes we falling when we stepped outside, but I strained in the dark to catch a glimpse of the fabled rooftop biergarten. I only caught sight of a bit of structure, but if the two floors that are already operating are any indicator, it’s going to be epic.

Congratulations, Peekskill Brewery. You have successfully married a home grown initiative with barroom brotherhood and somehow managed to toss in fine dining as well. I would say my work here is done but there is no way I am missing out on the summer fun, when you are sure to be unstoppable.

-Christina Halpin


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